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February 10, 2012

Descendants of Henchin Cuntz

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Henchin Johann Cuntze (1500 – 1570)
12th great-grandfather
Arnold Cuntze (1525 – 1590)
son of Henchin Johann Cuntze
Johannes Cuntz (1572 – 1637)
son of Arnold Cuntze
Gothard (or Gotthardt) Cuntz (1610 – 1667)
son of Johannes Cuntz
Johannes Cuntz (1640 – 1675)
son of Gothard (or Gotthardt) Cuntz
Joseph (or Jost) Koontz (1674 – 1730)
son of Johannes Cuntz
John (or Johannes) Koontz (1706 – 1745)
son of Joseph (or Jost) Koontz
Elder John Koontz (1739 – 1832)
son of John (or Johannes) Koontz
Isaac Newton Koontz Sr. (1777 – 1834)
son of Elder John Koontz
John J. Koontz (1804 – 1887)
son of Isaac Newton Koontz Sr.
Elizabeth Jane Koontz (1834 – 1905)
daughter of John J. Koontz
Robert Trenton Roudabush (1867 – 1945)
son of Elizabeth Jane Koontz
Frank Calvin Roudabush (1904 – 1973)
son of Robert Trenton Roudabush
Phyllis Lea Roudabush (1934 – 2014)
daughter of Frank Calvin Roudabush
Michael Alan Habersack, Senior
You are the son of Phyllis Lea Roudabush

Descendants of: Henchin Cuntz

The earliest known ancestor of the Kuntze, Coons, Coonces that settled in Virginia is Hechin Cuntze (abt.1500)*. He lived in Niederndorf of the Nassau-Siegen region of Germany in the early to mid 1500s.

This was in the time of Martin Luther and the Protestant Reformation. The Roman Catholic influence, a part of German history for centuries, vied with Lutherans and members of the Reformed Faith for support in government. The country was also constantly at war with peoples on all sides. This was a time of shifting
borders and loyalties.

Hechin’s son Arnold Cuntze (abt. 1525) and his grandson Johann Cuntze (abt. 1570) remained in the region during the time of the Thirty Year War. It was a war brought on by religious differences and land hungry neighboring countries. At this time the Nassau-Siegen region fell under the control of Catholic King Ferdinand as well as Protestant influences. It fared better than other areas during the war however due to the fact that it was divided and ruled by two brothers, John Maurice and John the Younger, each on opposite sides of the conflict. Each claimed the entire region as their own and so neither ally attacked the area.

By the time the Peace of Wesphalia of 1648 brought the drawn out conflict to a close, Germany had lost about half of her people to the ravages of war and the accompanying plagues and famine. It was around this time that Gotthard Kuntze (abt. 1610), son of Johann, and his son Johannes Kuntze lived. The brief peace was a compromise of sorts that allowed the Southern and Western lands to remain Catholic while allowing
Protestants to retain the land they had acquired and recognizing the Reformed faith.

Generation One

1.   Henchin Johann Cuntze, b. 1500 in Siegen, Siegen-Wittgenstein, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany, d. 1570 in Niederndorf,Nassau-Siegen,Westfalen,Germany, , , Preussen.


2.          i.       Arnold Cuntze b. 1525.

Generation Two

2.   Arnold Cuntze, b. 1525 in Niederndorf, Nassau-Siegen, Westfalen, G, d. 1590 in Niederndorf,Nassau-Siegen,Westfalen,Germany, , , Preussen.


3.          i.       Johannes Cuntz b. 1572.

ii.      Nollen.

iii.     Bastigen.

iv.    Heite.

Generation Three

3.   Johannes Cuntz, b. 1572 in Oberfishback, Germany, d. 1637.


4.          i.       Gothard (or Gotthardt) Cuntz b. 1610.

Generation Four

4.   Gothard (or Gotthardt) Cuntz, b. 1610, d. 1667-1670 in Oberfishbach, Germany.  He married (1) Anna, C 1640-1650 in Oberfishback,W Phalia, , , Germany, b. 1615.


i.       Anna Marie Cuntz, b. 1650.

ii.      Elbert Cuntz, b. 1650.

iii.     Jacob Cuntz, b. 1653.

iv.    Tillman Cuntz, b. 1642.

5.          v.     Johannes Cuntz b. 1640 OR 1645.

vi.    Jacob.

vii.   Anna Maria.

viii.  Elbert.

Generation Five

5.   Johannes Cuntz, b. 1640 OR 1645 in ?, d. MAY 4, 1675 in Niederndorf, Germany.  He married Elizabeth (or Elsa) Schuster, b. 1643.


i.       Tillman, b. 1668.

6.          ii.      Joseph (or Jost) Koontz b. MARCH 22, 1674.

iii.     Johannes.

Generation Six

6.   Joseph (or Jost) Koontz, b. MARCH 22, 1674 in Germany, d. 1731 in Stafford Co., VA.  He married Anna Gertrud Reinschmidt, FEBRUARY 7, 1704 in Nassau-Siegen, Germany, b. 1685 in Nassau-Siegen, Lower Wilden, Germany (daughter of Martin Reinschmidt), d. bef 1724 in Stafford Co., VA.


7.          i.       John (or Johannes) Koontz b. 18 Jun 1706.

ii.      Johannes Koontz.

iii.     Anna Elizabeth, b. 1708, d. 1778.  She married Tillman Weaver.

iv.    Elizabeth Koontz, b. ABT 1711.

v.     Christian Koontz, b. 30 Aug 1712.  She married Catherine Weaver.

vi.    Catherine Koontz, b. ABT 1713.  She married Harman Kemper (son of John Kemper and Alice Otterback).

vii.   Henry.

viii.  Tillman.

ix.    Mary.

x.     Anna Catherine.

Generation Seven

7.   John (or Johannes) Koontz, b. 18 Jun 1706 in Niederndorf, Germany, d. 1745.  He married Anna Elizabetha Catherine Stoever, JUNE 25, 1738 in Earltown, PA, b. 1710 in Niederndorf, Germany (daughter of John Caspar Stoever Rev. and Gertraudt).


8.          i.       Elder John Koontz b. 26 Mar 1739.

ii.      George Koontz, b. 1741.

Generation Eight

8.   Elder John Koontz, d. 25 Apr 1832 in Alma, Page Co., VA, b. 26 Mar 1739 in Opequon, Frederick Co., VA, buried in Cemetary 73.  He married Elizabeth Baker (daughter of Baker), d. 1830 in Page Co., VA, b. 1750 in Alma, Page Co., VA.


9.          i.       Jacob Koontz b. 1764.

ii.      John Koontz, b. ABT 1765.

iii.     Elizabeth Koontz, b. 1767, d. ?.  She married Henry Pence.

10.       iv.    Isaac Newton Koontz Sr. b. 14 Feb 1777.

Generation Nine

9.   Jacob Koontz, b. 1764, d. 4 Sep 1846.  He married Barbara Beaver.


i.       Susannah Koontz.  She married Joshua Buracker.

ii.      Ann Koontz.

iii.     Barbara Koontz.  She married John Hay.

iv.    Mary Koontz.

v.     Isaac Koontz.

vi.    Jacob Koontz.

vii.   John Koontz.

11.       viii.  Joseph Koontz b. ABT 1789.


10.   Isaac Newton Koontz Sr., d. 18 Jul 1834 in Page County, VA, b. 14 Feb 1777 in Page Co, Virginia, United States, buried in Koontz/Shuler Cem, Page Co., VA.  He married (1) Susanna Kiblinger, 11 Aug 1797 in Page Co, Virginia, United States (daughter of Johann Daniel Kublinger and Katharina Speier), d. 4 Jan 1846 in Koontz-Shuler Cem, Page, Virginia, United States, b. 14 Mar 1777 in Shenandoah Co, Virginia, United States, buried in Koontz/Shuler Cem, Page Co., VA.  He married (2) Rebecca Summers Bowers.


i.       Mary (Polly) Koontz, d. 8 May 1815 in Shenandoah Co, Virginia, United States, b. 1799 in Page Co, Virginia, United States.  She married Daniel Varner.

12.       ii.      Daniel Koontz b. NOVEMBER 2, 1799.

13.       iii.     David B. Koontz b. DECEMBER 1, 1801.

iv.    David Koontz, d. 26 Jul 1875 in Newport, Page Co, Virginia, United States, b. 1 Dec 1801 in Shendoah Co, Virginia, United States.

14.       v.     Nancy Ann Koontz b. JULY 8, 1803.

15.       vi.    John J. Koontz b. 1804.

16.       vii.   Elizabeth Dovel Koontz b. 1809.

17.       viii.  Isaac Newton Koontz Jr. b. NOVEMBER 15, 1810.

Generation Ten

11.   Joseph Koontz, b. ABT 1789.  He married Judith Snyder, b. 1787.


i.       Gideon Koontz.

ii.      Rebecca Koontz, b. 22 Dec 1809, d. 17 Aug 1847.  She married James Reuben Kibler, 30 Aug 1831.

iii.     Mary Koontz, b. ABT 1816.

iv.    Lewis C. Koontz, b. ABT 1821.

v.     David Koontz, b. 1825.


12.   Daniel Koontz, b. NOVEMBER 2, 1799 in Shenandoah, VA, d. JULY 18, 1872 in Page Co. VA.  He married Elizabeth Mauck, 17 Feb 1824 (daughter of Daniel Mauck Sr. and Rebecca Baker).


i.       Isabella Koontz, b. 13 Jan 1825.

ii.      David Koontz, b. 15 Nov 1825.

iii.     Isaac Koontz, b. ABT 1830.

iv.    Sarah Koontz, b. ABT 1831.

v.     Martha Koontz, b. ABT 1833.

vi.    William Koontz, b. ABT 1836.

vii.   Alfred Koontz, b. ABT 1837.

viii.  Eliza Ann Koontz, b. ABT 1839.

ix.    Mary Koontz, b. ABT 1842.

x.     Jacob Koontz, b. ABT 1844.


13.   David B. Koontz, b. DECEMBER 1, 1801 in Page Co. VA, d. 1 Jan 1830 in Davenport, Page Co. VA.  He married Catherine Foltz.


i.       Andrew Koontz, b. ABT 1831.

ii.      Mary Koontz, b. ABT 1831.

iii.     Philip Koontz, b. ABT 1837.

iv.    Sarah Koontz, b. ABT 1839.

v.     Elizabeth Koontz, b. ABT 1844.


14.   Nancy Ann Koontz, b. JULY 8, 1803 in Page Co. VA, d. APRIL 2, 1883 in Page Co. VA.  She married Alexander Keyser.


i.       Formosanta Keyser.

ii.      Susan Keyser.

iii.     Alexander Keyser.

iv.    William Keyser.

v.     Sally Keyser.


15.   John J. Koontz, b. 1804 in Shenandoah Co., VA, d. 17 Jun 1887 in Shuler Koontz Cm, Page, Virginia, United States.  He married Mary Bumgardner (daughter of George Bumgardner and Lydia Burner), d. 8 Apr 1881 in Honeyville, Page, Virginia, United States, b. ABT 1815 in Rockingham, Virginia, United States.


i.       Lydia Ann Koontz, b. 1830 in Shenandoah, VA.

ii.      Lydia Ann Koontz, d. 18 Feb 1905 in Frederick, Frederick, Maryland, United States, b. 14 Aug 1830 in Shenandoah, Virginia, United States.

18.       iii.     George W. Koontz b. 1833.

19.       iv.    Elizabeth Jane Koontz b. Aug 1834.

v.     Rachel Koontz, b. 1837 in Page Co., VA.

vi.    Eliza A. Koontz, d. 26 Apr 1891 in Page, Virginia, United States, b. 1839 in Page Co., VA.

vii.   Martin Van Buren Koontz, d. 8 Feb 1876 in Honeyville, Page, Virginia, United States, b. 1842 in VA.

20.       viii.  Reuben Koontz b. 1845.

ix.    Mary S. Koontz, d. 23 Mar 1920, b. 1847 in Page Co., VA.

x.     David Koontz, d. 8 Jul 1930 in Wilbarger, Texas, United States, b. ABT 1856 in Page, Virginia, United States.


16.   Elizabeth Dovel Koontz, b. 1809 in Page County, VA, d. 1877 in Stanley, Page County, VA.  She married Charles C. Dovel, 7 Mar 1827, b. MARCH 1806 in Page County, VA, d. OCTOBER 17, 1864 in Page County, VA, buried in Shuler-Koontz Cem, Page Co., VA.


i.       Thomas Dovel.

ii.      Cinderella Dovel.

iii.     Charles Dovel.

iv.    David Dovel.

v.     Drucilla Dovel.

vi.    Joseph Dovel.

vii.   James Dovel.

viii.  Isaac C. Dovel.

ix.    Priscilla Dovel.

x.     Russell Dovel.

xi.    Perry Dovel.

xii.   Jacob Dovel.


17.   Isaac Newton Koontz Jr., b. NOVEMBER 15, 1810 in Frederick Co., VA, d. JUNE 17, 1887 in Shuler-Koontz Cm, Page Co, Va.  He married Ann Keyser, MAY 9, 1833, b. FEBRUARY 19, 1813 in Page Co. VA, d. NOVEMBER 4, 1852 in Page Co. VA.


i.       Harrison Warren Koontz, b. MAY 30, 1834, d. AUGUST 1, 1910.

ii.      Juliana (Shuler) Koontz, b. FEBRUARY 15, 1836, d. APRIL 29, 1873.

iii.     George Koontz, b. 1844.

iv.    Issac Newton Koontz, b. APRIL 3, 1845, d. JUNE 27, 1865.

v.     David Jackson Koontz, b. OCTOBER 1867, d. SEPTEMBER 1868.

vi.    Charles Edward Koontz, b. DECEMBER 7, 1868.

Generation Eleven

18.   George W. Koontz, d. 22 Jan 1922 in Page, Virginia, United States, b. 1833 in Page Co., VA.  He married Jane Judy, 4 Jan 1870 in Page Co., VA, b. 6 May 1839 (daughter of Frederick Judy and Elizabeth Norman).


i.       Annie Koontz, b. ABT 1872.

ii.      John W. Koontz, b. ABT 1874.

iii.     Allie Koontz, b. ABT 1877.

iv.    Minnie Koontz, b. ABT 1879.


19.   Elizabeth Jane Koontz, b. Aug 1834 in Page, Virginia, United States, d. AUG. 6, 1905 in Grove Hill, Page, Virginia, United States.  She married Peter William Roudabush, DEC. 12, 1853 in Rockingham County, VA (son of Jacob Roudabush and Mary Magdalene Whetzel), d. SEP. 21, 1885 in Honeyville, Page, Virginia, United States, b. AUG. 10, 1826 in Rockingham County, VA.


21.       i.       William George Roudabush b. OCT. 3, 1854.

22.       ii.      Francis “Fannie” J. Roudabush b. MAY 28, 1855.

23.       iii.     John Calvin (Callie) Roudabush b. JUN 13, 1856.

24.       iv.    Major Ashby Roudabush b. AUG. 22, 1861.

25.       v.     Virginia (Ginny or Jenny) Jackson Roudabush b. JAN. 26, 1863.

26.       vi.    Mary (Maggie) Maydale Roudabush b. 29 Jan 1863.

27.       vii.   Hiram Eldridge Roudabush b. DEC. 31, 1865.

28.       viii.  Robert Trenton Roudabush b. SEP. 22, 1867.

ix.    Robert Trenton Roudabush, d. 5 Dec 1945 in Page, Virginia, United States, b. 22 Sep 1867 in Page, Virginia, United States.

29.       x.     David Fenton Roudabush b. JAN. 22, 1870.

xi.    David Fenton Roudabush, b. 22 Jan 1870 in Pine Grove, Page, Virginia, United States, d. 1955 in Charlottesville, Albemarle, Virginia, United States.

xii.   Dowood F. Roudabush, b. 1872 in Page County, VA.

xiii.  Dowood F Roudabush, b. 1872 in Page, Virginia, United States.

30.       xiv.  Charles Edward Roudabush b. AUG. 4, 1873.


20.   Reuben Koontz, b. 1845 in Page Co., VA, d. 12 Dec 1871 in Page Co., VA.  He married Roberta Judy, b. 12 Jul 1844 (daughter of Frederick Judy and Elizabeth Norman).


i.       Emma Koontz, b. ABT 1873.

ii.      Jennie Koontz, b. ABT 1879.

Generation Twelve

21.   William George Roudabush, b. OCT. 3, 1854 in Grove Hill, Page, Virginia, United States, d. 1916 in Virginia.  He married Susan L. Kite.


i.       Harry Roudabush, b. aft 1876.

ii.      William B, Roudabush, b. aft ER 1876.

iii.     James E. Roudabush, b. aft ER 1876.

iv.    Joseph Roudabush, b. aft ER 1876.

v.     Otis M. Roudabush, b. aft ER 1876.


22.   Francis “Fannie” J. Roudabush, b. MAY 28, 1855 in Grove Hill, Page, Virginia, United States, d. SEP. 30, 1905 in Stanley, Page, Virginia, United States, buried in St. Luke’s Lutheran, Alma, VA.  She married Philip S. Rogers, b. 1854.


i.       Charles T. Rogers, b. 14 Oct 1877 in Hawksbill, Page County, VA.

ii.      Mamie L. Rogers, b. 1886 in Page County, VA.


23.   John Calvin (Callie) Roudabush, d. APR 19, 1948 in Shenandoah, Page, Virginia, United States, b. JUN 13, 1856 in Grove Hill, Page, Virginia, United States, buried in St. Paul’s Lutheran, Grove Hill, VA.  He married (1) Clarissa Ann Dovel, b. APR. 12, 1867, d. MAR. 16, 1941, buried in St. Paul’s Lutheran Cemetary in Newport, VA.  He married (2) Mary C. Walton, APR 29, 1875 in Page Co. VA, b. JAN. 20, 1854 (daughter of Reuben M. Walton and Julia Ann Foltz), d. SEP. 19, 1933.  He married (3) Clara M. Betz, AUG 8, 1934 (daughter of Gordanus Dovel and Barbara A. Somers).


i.       Willis S. Roudabush, b. 9 Oct 1876 in Page Co., VA, d. 14 Nov 1876.

31.       ii.      Thomas A. Roudabush b. 22 Sep 1878.

32.       iii.     Attie Josephine Roudabush b. 30 Jun 1880.

iv.    Mattie Virginia Roudabush, b. 30 Jun 1881, d. BEF 1948.  She married Della Amos Lucas, b. 1882 in Page County, VA.

v.     Malcom E. Roudabush, b. 11 Jul 1883, d. 17 Jul 1893.


24.   Major Ashby Roudabush, d. FEB. 16, 1916 in Stanley, Page, Virginia, United States, b. AUG. 22, 1861 in Rockingham County, VA, buried in Graves Chapel, Stanley, VA.  He married Virginia Belle McAllister, 27 Feb 1883, b. 24 Feb 1862, (daughter of Elizabeth Catherine McAllister), d. 3 May 1935.


33.       i.       Miller Elbea Roudabush b. 16 Feb 1886.

ii.      Lula Elizabeth Roudabush, b. 1 Oct 1887.  She married H. Cecil Stillwell, b. 18 May 1894, d. 14 Oct 1959.

34.       iii.     Avis Ashby Roudabush b. 29 Aug 1889.

iv.    Kyle Major Roudabush, b. 31 Aug 1894, d. 1950.  He married Margaret Coles Witherow.

35.       v.     Pauline Roudabush b. 7 Feb 1902.


25.   Virginia (Ginny or Jenny) Jackson Roudabush, b. JAN. 26, 1863 in Stanley, Page, Virginia, United States, d. 30 Dec 1952 in Page County, VA, buried in St. Luke’s Lutheran, Alma, VA.  She married John Philip Foltz, b. 26 Feb 1856 in Alma, VA, buried in St. Lukes, Alma, VA.


i.       Thomas Ashby Foltz, b. 21 Jun 1883 in Page Co. VA.

ii.      Vera Mae Foltz.


26.   Mary (Maggie) Maydale Roudabush, b. 29 Jan 1863 in Stanley, Page Co. VA, d. 1911.  She married Herbert Watson Coffman, b. 1864 in Page County, VA, d. 11 Mar 1921 in Stanley, Page Co. VA.


i.       Harry Martin Coffman, b. 6 Jul 1889.

ii.      Cecil C. Coffman, b. 1 Jul 1892 in Page Co. VA.


27.   Hiram Eldridge Roudabush, d. OCT. 31, 1955 in Shenandoah, Page, Virginia, United States, b. DEC. 31, 1865 in Rockingham County, VA.  He married Virginia Elizabeth Strole, b. 9 Dec 1885 in Strole’s Mill, Page Co.,VA.


i.       Evelyn Florence Roudabush, b. 1 Mar 1906 in Page Co., VA.  She married Claude Swanson Steppe, b. 20 Oct 1904.

ii.      Roy Eldridge Roudabush, b. 23 Oct 1907 in Page Co., VA, d. 20 Dec 1985 in Evangelical United Brethren Cemetary, Shenandoah, VA.


28.   Robert Trenton Roudabush, b. SEP. 22, 1867 in Page County, Virginia, d. DEC. 5, 1945 in Page County, Virginia, buried in Graves Chapel, Stanley, Virginia.  He married Lula Ann Suthard (daughter of Joshua Calvin Suthard and Eliza Jane Parks Suthard), b. SEP. 29, 1869 in Page County, Virginia, d. APR. 2, 1942 in Page County, Virginia, buried in Graves Chapel, Stanley, Virginia.


36.       i.       Sudie Mae Roudabush b. NOV 20, 1893.

ii.      Claude B. Roudabush, b. APR. 4, 1894 in Virginia, d. JAN. 30, 1942.

iii.     Maudeline Roudabush, b. JAN. 29, 1897, d. FEB. 9,1899.

37.       iv.    Guy Roudabush b. 29 Oct 1898.

38.       v.     Frank Calvin Roudabush b. APRIL 14, 1904.

39.       vi.    Edith Roudabush.


29.   David Fenton Roudabush, b. JAN. 22, 1870 in Page County, VA, d. 1955 in Charlottesville, VA, buried in St. Peter’s Lutheran, Shenandoah, VA.  He married Clara Virginia Strole, b. 5 May 1872 in Grove Hill, VA, d. 29 Nov 1954 in Shenandoah, Page Co. VA, buried in St. Pauls Lutheran Church Cem. Newport, VA.


i.       Ruth Selena Roudabush, b. 18 Dec 1892 in Page Co., VA, d. 24 Dec 1983.  She married Ewing William Mills, b. 26 Mar 1886.

ii.      Charlotte Virginia Roudabush, b. 15 Mar 1897 in Page Co., VA, d. 13 May 1981 in Arizona.  She married Robert Hume Moore, b. 31 Aug 1896 in Naked Creek, VA, d. 27 Nov 1960 in Arkansas.

iii.     Helen Fenton Roudabush, b. 27 Jul 1900.  She married Paul Brown Givens.

iv.    Julian Paul Roudabush, b. 3 Oct 1904 in Page CO. VA., d. 6 Aug 1979.  He married Akers.


30.   Charles Edward Roudabush, b. AUG. 4, 1873 in VA, d. MAR. 18, 1910 in Page County, VA, buried in United Methodist Church Cemetary, Grove Hill, VA.  He married Eliza Ella Kite, b. 25 Jan 1875 in Page Co., VA, d. 9 Jan 1948 in Grove Hill Methodist Church Cemetery, VA.


i.       Mervie Edward Roudabush, b. 1892 in Page Co. VA.

ii.      Vida L. Roudabush, b. JUL 8, 1900, d. SEP 23, 1905.

iii.     Bernard White Roudabush, b. 18 Nov 1907 in Jacksonville, FL.

Generation Thirteen

31.   Thomas A. Roudabush, b. 22 Sep 1878 in Newport, Page Co., VA.  He married Myrtle Koontz, b. 25 Jan 1882, d. DEC 1973.


i.       Florine Roudabush.  She married Ted J. Metzger, 1973.


32.   Attie Josephine Roudabush, b. 30 Jun 1880 in Newport, Page Co., VA, d. 12 Sep 1961, buried in St. Paul Lutheran Church Cemetery, Newport.  She married Jacob Perry Hockman, b. 9 Apr 1876, d. 26 Sep 1942.


i.       Mildred Virginia Hockman, b. 1902.

ii.      Thelma Claire Hockman, b. 1907.

iii.     Robert Jacob Hockman, b. 23 Oct 1913.


33.   Miller Elbea Roudabush, b. 16 Feb 1886, d. NOV 1966 in Luray, VA.  He married Leora Shenk, b. 23 Feb 1891.


40.       i.       Virginia Blanche Roudabush.

ii.      Jesse Anne Roudabush.  She married Hubert Hudson Price.

iii.     Jane Lee Roudabush.


34.   Avis Ashby Roudabush, b. 29 Aug 1889, d. 3 Mar 1945.  He married (1) Eva Marie Strickler, b. 3 Dec 1891, d. 12 Dec 1967.  He married (2) Elsie Comer.  He married (3) Mary Virginia Ropp, 6 Mar 1913 in Knoxville, TN, b. JAN 2, 1893, d. FEB 20, 1920, buried in Evergreen Burial Park, Roanoke City, VA PL5LOT110.


i.       Nancy Roudabush.  She married Granville McDaniels.

ii.      Betty Lee Roudabush, b. 18 Sep 1922, d. 18 May 1936.

iii.     Susan Hortenstine Roudabush.  She married (1) Sheetz.  She married (2) Birch.


35.   Pauline Roudabush, b. 7 Feb 1902, d. 1968.  She married Arthur L. Taylor, b. 11 May 1903, d. 7 Aug 1962.


i.       Avis Taylor.


36.   Sudie Mae Roudabush, b. NOV 20, 1893 in Page County, VA, d. DEC 9, 1972 in Harrisonburg,  VA, buried in Coverstone Cemetery Shenandoah, Page Co. VA.  She married Charles Edward Louderback, JUN 27, 1912, b. OCT 15, 1885 in Grove Hill, Page Co. VA (son of Isaac Newton Louderback and Anne Eliza Walton), d. 1978 in Page County, VA.


i.       William Orville Louderback, b. JUN 6, 1916 in Page Co., VA, d. OCT 14, 1986 in Harrisonburg, VA.  He married Frances Irene Leap, MAR 15, 1940.

ii.      Guy Leon Louderback, b. JUN 4, 1919 in Page Co., VA, d. JAN 2, 1996 in Harrisonburg, VA.  He married Treva Rigata Comer, MAY 16, 1938.

iii.     Charles Edward Louderback, b. DEC 20, 1921 in Page Co., VA, d. JAN 14, 1994 in Harrisonburg, VA.  He married Lucy Marie Grimsley, NOV 1, 1987.


37.   Guy Roudabush, b. 29 Oct 1898 in Marksville, VA, buried in Graves Chapel, Marksville, VA, d. JAN. 21, 1974 in Hyattsville, Prince Georges, Maryland, United States of America.  He married Virginia Bushong, 1928, b. 1911 in Texas County, Oklahoma (daughter of Virgil Silman Bushong (born William M. Bushong) and Mary Elizabeth “Lizzie” Campbell).


i.       Alda May Roudabush, b. 1929 in Page County, VA, d. 2005.  She married Ralph Howard Pounds, b. 14 Sep 1924 in South Carolina (son of Newman Calloway Pounds Sr. and Mary B Pounds), d. 7 Apr 2009 in Baltimore, Baltimore City, Maryland.


38.   Frank Calvin Roudabush, b. APRIL 14, 1904 in Page County, Virginia, d. SEPTEMBER 1973 in Baltimore, Maryland.  He married (1) Margaret Gorecki, b. OCT 14, 1910 in Baltimore, Maryland (daughter of Albert George Gorecki and Agnes Nowak), d. SEP. 22, 1972 in Baltimore, Maryland.  He married (2) Esther Roudabush, b. 30 Jun 1910 in West Virginia, d. Sep 1986 in Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland, United States of America.


41.       i.       Phyllis Lea Roudabush.

ii.      Robert Trenton Roudabush.

iii.     Colleen Marie Roudabush, b. 1928 in Still born – at home, d. 1928.

iv.    Little Esther.


39.   Edith Roudabush.  She married Roy Meadows.


i.       Leroy Meadows.

ii.      Betty Lou Meadows.

Generation Fourteen

40.   Virginia Blanche Roudabush.


i.       Karen McAleer.


41.   Phyllis Lea Roudabush.  She married LeRoy Christian Habersack, b. FEBRUARY 10, 1931 in Baltimore, MD (son of Henry Conrad Habersack and Florence Manns).


42.       i.       Michael Alan Habersack, Senior b. OCTOBER 24, 1960.

43.       ii.      Brian Gary Habersack.

Generation Fifteen

42.   Michael Alan Habersack, Senior, b. OCTOBER 24, 1960 in Baltimore, MD at Church Home Hospital.  He married Elizabeth Lee Powers Habersack, JANUARY 4, 1985 in Rosedale Baptist Church, Baltimore MD., b. JUL 17, 1957 in Baltimore Maryland (daughter of George Joseph Powers and Carolyn Agnes Lannon).


i.       Michael Habersack Jr..

ii.      Dina Marie Habersack.  She married Jonathan Paul Kress (son of Eugene Paul Kress Jr.).

iii.     Christian Joseph Habersack.  He married Lisa Beth Jones.


43.   Brian Gary Habersack, b. in Baltimore, Maryland.  He married Victoria Jean Valunas Habersack, b. in Baltimore, MD.


i.       M Habersack, b. in St. Joseph’s Hospital, Baltimore.

ii.      T Habersack, b. in St. Joseph’s Hospital, Baltimore.

iii.     H Habersack, b. in Franklin Square Hosp., Baltimore, MD.

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