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February 10, 2012

Swank History on Ruebush

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The writings of John Robert Swank are not in print and neither is the original web site that contained this information, so it is replicated here in as much detail as I have available through old and cached web pages:


by John Robert Swank

1. Johann Raudenbusch was among the Palatines who went to England in June of 1709. At that time, his age was listed as 30 (so born c. 1679); he was a Lutheran; and his occupation was husbandman or vine-dresser. His wife and a daughter, age three, accompanied him to England. By the time his wife had settled along the Hudson river in New York in 1710, Johann had died. nothing more is known about this family.1
2. Hans George Raudenbusch, generally referred to simply as “George”, was born May 27, 1699 and died August 17, 1783. It would appear that he was from the County of Sinsheim in Germany which lies southeast of Heidelberg. Very often those Palatines who arrived on the same ship came from the same area. Among the passengers on the William and Mary with George was the Rev. George Michael Weiss, V.D.M., who was from Eppingen, which is situated ten miles from the County of Sinsheim. It is known that the party he headed aboard the William and Mary contained at least a few that were from that county. Among these were Hans Ernst Rudi, Johann Dietrich Rudi and Hans George Hertzel. The Rev. Weiss was the founding pastor of the New Goshenhoppen Reformed Church in what is now East Greenville, Penns. George Raudenbusch was a member of that church. 2 and 3
By 1734, George was the owner of 150 acres in Hanover Township in Philadelphia County.4 This land was warranted to him in 1740,5 and George lived out the remainder of his days there. This farm is now in Upper Hanover Township of Montgomery County. George was naturalized on September 22, l764.7
George had been accompanied on the ship William and Mary by his wife, Margaretha (maiden name unknown). She was born September 28, 1702 and died November 24, 1776, both are buried in the New Goshenhoppen cemetery in East Greenville, Penns.2

3. Peter Raudenbusch arrived in Philadelphia on September 30, 1732 aboard the Ship Dragon.8 He was warranted 100 acres in Bucks County in 1738.9 It appears possible that his wife was the Eve Roudebush who was warranted 50 acres in Bucks County in 1744,10 that Peter died before 1744, and that he died without issue. It is also possible that he is the Peter Raudenbush whose death on October 13, 1759 is recorded in the Journal of David Schultze, although this reference has not been seen personally.10a There would appear to be a close relationship between Peter and George (#2), since a Peter Raudenbusch was the witness to the baptism of George’s son, Peter, at the Goshenhoppen Reformed Charge in 1733.11

note-Handwritten across the bottom of this page:
This data supplied by Mrs.Ward Ruebush Sr., Weyers Cave, Va.
4.Heinrich Raudenbusch :There would also appear to be a close relationship between Peter and Heinrich (or Henry), since both arrived on the Ship Dragon in 1732. 8 Henry, however, settled in the southern part of Pennsylvania which was then Lancaster County, but the farm on which he settled later was in York County, and is now in Adams County. A warranty was issued to Henry for 150 acres along the Great Conawago Creek in 1743,12 and a patent for 200 acres in 1750.13
It would appear that part of Henry’s reasons for settling where he did were religious in nature. Henry was a member of the Church of the Brethren (German Baptist or Dunkard), and one of the first churches of that denomination in America was established around 1741, also near the Great Conawago Creek,. Henry was one of the founding members.14 This congregation still exists and is known today (1970) as “Mummert’s Meeting House.” All of the records of this congregation prior to the 1880s were burned in a fire in the home of the then secretary of the congregation. It is possible that Henry and other members of his family are buried in the church yard there, but a hurried trip through the church yard did not reveal any Raudenbusch head stones. The meeting house is within walking distance of Henry’s farm, and both farm and meeting house are three or four miles from East Berlin, Penna.
Henry was active in that area of Pennsylvania being Constable in 1757, Supervisor of Highways in 1761, and Overseer of the Poor in 1768.
15 He was naturalized July 20, 1765.16 Probably because of the dictates of conscience, being a member of the Church of the Brethren which held against oaths and war, Henry would not take the Oath of Fidelity to the new government during the War of the Revolution (around 1780). Neither would his sons Jacob, Michael, and Henry,17 although it will be noted later that both Michael and Henry, and possibly Jacob, were members of either the militia or Continental Line after Henry’s death. In his will, Henry gave only one sterling shilling to each of his sons, John, Solomon, and Daniel because, in his words, they “always (were) Disobedient (children) and hurt me greatly.”18 It is known that Daniel was an Associator who took the oath of fidelity and support to the new government before Henry died, that John became a member of the Reformed Church before Henry’s death, at least for a time, and it is interesting to speculate whether it was John’s, Solomon’s, and Daniel’s active support of the Constitutional government and disregard for Henry’s religious views which caused him to disinherit them.
Henry resided in Berwick Township (now Hamilton Township) in York (Adams) County for the rest of his life.
15 and 19 What appears to be the foundation of his homestead stands near a pond at the rear of the two farm houses now owned (1970) by Lloyd Swope and his son.
Henry died in 1784, and his wife, Anna Mary (maiden name unknown), lived with their son, Michael, on his original plantation after Henry’s death.
18 Anna Mary died in 1786.20

5. Isaac Raudenbusch arrived in Philadelphia on the Ship Pleasant on October 11, 1732. He was listed as 27 years of age then, so he was born c. 1705.21 In 1738, he was warranted 200 acres in Lancaster County,22 about 2 miles from the Little Conawago creek23 in Dover Township.24
On April 18, 1740, he married Magdalene Frey at Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church on the Codorus Crock at the site of York, Penna.25 His wife’s maiden name had been Maria Magdalena Willheut, and she had been first married to Martin Frey (or Fry) at Christ Church in April of l735.26 Isaac was a member of the Reformed Church, his name appearing among the signers of a resolution passed by the members of the First Reformed Church of York on March 17, 1745.27
Isaac died before July 6, 1759 without issue. By that date, his widow had married again to Henry Julius, and these two deeded Issac’s land to Godfrey frey, an apparent relative of Mary Magdalene, at least through her first marriage. Godfrey had purchased the land from Isaac himself.28

6. Maria Drusiana Raudenbusch: It is not known when this person came to America, or if she was indeed an immigrant. She may have been the widow or daughter of Ulrich (#7) below. On March 27, 1759 shc married Joseph David Triessler at Lancaster, the Rev. John Casper Stoever officiating.28 Those two had issue and were members of Trinity Lutheran church in Lancaster.29

7. Ulrich Raudenbusch arrived at Phi1adelphia on 0ctobcr 30,1738 aboard the Ship E1izabeth when he was 24 years old (so born c. 1714).30 His wife’s name was either Anna Catherine (nee Ehrlich) or Anna Drusilla (nee Cass). The records confuse the name. They settled in Lancaster County, but nothing more is known of this couple.31

8. Johann Adam Raudenbusch arrived in Philadelphia aboard the ship Friendship on November 2, 1744.32 It is possible that he is the “Adam Roudenbush” who bought property in Augusta County, Virginia on March 24, 1764,32a but nothing more is known about him.

9. Engel Raudenbusch arrived November 15, 1803 aboard the ship Favorite.33 Nothing more is known about him.

400A. Margaret Ruebush was born December 28, 1768 and died April 27, 1839 according to her tombstone inscription.1 She is buried in Frieden’s churchyard beside her mother. In 1788 she married Adam Long,2 who settled in Rockingham County 3 and lived in the same area as Margaret’s brother, George.21

400B. Susannah Ruebush was born in 1772 according to the Zion Reformed Church records.2 Nothing more is known about her except that, in 1788, after her fathers death, her uncle, Michael, was appointed her guardian, as well as guardian for her sister, Margaret, and her brother, George.

400. George Ruebush was born January 23, 1775 and died January 2, 1851 according to his tombstone inscription in Frieden’s churchyard.1 He came to Rockingham County, Virginia before 1792 since he was taxed there in that year.21 On August 1, 1797, he married Elizabeth Wheelbarger, the daughter of Matthias Wheelbarger, in Rockingham County.5 According to the tax list of 1792, Matthias Wheelbarger was a near neighbor of George,21 and, as had the Ruebushes, the Wheelbargers had apparently come to Virginia from Maryland since the 1850 Rockingham County Census states that both George and his wife, Elizabeth, were born in Maryland.6 George and Elizabeth lived on a farm near Cross Keys, Va.1 Elizabeth died in 1864 at the age of 88,and is also buried in Frieden’s Churchyard.7

400C. Marie Ruebush was born c.1776.8 She married Conrad Cline, and she and her husband also settled in Rockingham County.2 At least by 1792, Conrad was a near neighbor of the Wheelbargers and George.21 Mollie Keller Ruebush was the sponsor at the baptism of Marie and Conrad’s daughter, Susannah, at Frieden’s Church.2 Marie apparently died before 1820 since the Rockingham County Census for that year shows Conrad Kline as being over 45 years of age, and the only other person in his household was a female 16-21, probably his daughter, Susannah.3

401. John Ruebush was born August 18, 1782 and died February 6, 1875 according to his tombstone inscription.1 He is buried at Union Chapel, Augusta County, Virginia.2 John was born in Maryland,9 and it is said that he worked at a mill on the Conocochoague Creek near York, Pennsylvania. He visited Virginia and there married Mary (Polly) Huffman 1 in 1810,10 a native of Rockingham County, Virginia.9 and 11 John (and Polly) returned to Pennsylvania in a cart,1 but, by 1811, he had returned to Virginia since his son, George, was born there in that year.9
When he first settled in Virginia, John worked at Grattan’s Mill near Mt. Crawford. He also bought a farm in that area1 near Stover’s Shop. It is said that his farm contained 600 acres and that he also had two mills.7 The 1850 Census would tend to bear out his comparative wealth, since his real evaluation in that year was $18,000 a not inconsiderable amount at that time.9 His brick home was still standing in very good condition in 1951, at which time it was still being used as a residence, with the owner attempting to maintain it in its original style.7 John lived there to the end of his days.1
About 1843, a log schoolhouse, about 20 by 25 feet, was built nearby, and became known as the “Ruebush Schoolhouse” because it was built chiefly by the Ruebushes. The schoolhouse was regularly used for preaching, and, prior to that, John Ruebush’s home has been used for preaching the Gospel. John was a member of the Reformed Church.1
The tradition is that John was the first to use the spelling, “Ruebush”, in order to avoid confusion in the mail with other Roudebushes living in the area.12
Mary Huffman Ruebush was a daughter of George and Barbara( Butt ) Huffman. The Huffmans were originally from Berks County, Penna. and came to Rockingham County about the same time as Mollie Ruebush and her children, settling nearby. Both George and his father, Valentine, served in the Revolutionary War. Valentine had come to America on September 14, 1753. 11 and 13 After John Ruebush’s death, Mary lived with her grandson, William H. Ruebush in Augusta County.14 She was born January 15, 1793 and died August 18, 1884.10 She too is buried at Union Chapel.1 John’s will is in Augusta County Will Book #45, p.349.

402. Peter Ruebush was born in 1784 and died September 1, 1879, according to his tombstone inscription at St. John’s Church,1 also called Union Reformed Church 7 or Bethel Reformed Church near Middlebrook, Va.15 In 1813, he married Susanna Huffman, a sister of his brother, John’s wife.2 Susan died sometime between 1828, when Peter’s and her daughter, Eliza, was born,9 and 1830. On January 13, 1830, “Peter Ruebush widower married Elizabeth Beard widow.”16 Elizabeth died in 1883 at 88 years of age, and is also buried at St. John’s Church.1 She was called “Betsy.”17
Peter was a farmer near Locust Hill, Virginia in Augusta County.18 His will is recorded in Augusta County Will Book 48, p121.

4000. Jacob Ruebush was born June 2, 1798 according to Frieden’s Church records (p.21)1 He lived in Rockingham County, and his wife’s first name was Eve,19 but nothing more is known about him.

4001. John Ruebush, Jacob’s twin, was also born June 2, 1798.1 His wife’s first name was Mary, born c. 1823, and he was a farmer,14 near Mount Sidney1 in Augusta County. John died before 1880 since Mary is listed as a widow in the census of that year.14

4001A. Mary Ruebush was born January 8, 1800, and married Peter Whitmore.1

4002. Henry Ruebush was born September 4, 1801.1

4002A. Margaret Ruebush was born September 22, 1803 and died May 10, 1849, being buried in Frieden’s Churchyard.1 She was the wife of Phillip Baker.1

4003. George Ruebush was born July 14, 1805 died September 13, 1873, and is also buried in Frieden’s churchyard.1 He married Mary C.22 (Catherine)1 Meyers.23 She was born August 1, 1811 and died January 2, 1867.1 They lived on a farm near Mount Sidney in Augusta County.23

4004. Samuel Ruebush was born September 3, 1809 and died December 10, 1867. He is buried at Frieden’s.1 He never married.23

4005. Mathias Ruebush was born around 1812.19

4006. William Reubush (Spelling used in 1880 Census and by most of his descendants) was born August 16, 1813 and died January 20, 1883, being buried at Frieden’s.1 His wife was Catharine A. Blackwell.23 One of the refences state that her tombstone at Frieden’s says she died June 2, 1867 at 79 years and 23 days,1 but this must be in error since both the 185019 and 188020 censi of Rockingham County, where she and George lived on a farm, show her to have been born around 1820. It would appear that William, along with his brother, Samuel, served with the Cavalry of the 58th Regiment of the Virginia Militia under Captain William Hooke in 1844.24

4006A. Elizabeth Ruebush was born August 27, 1815.1

4006B. Catharine Ruebush was born around 1819.19

4007. Peter Ruebush was born April 21, 1820 and died February 7, 1828. He is buried at Frieden’s.1

4007A. Susanna Ruebush was born around 1825.19

Children of John Ruebush, #401
4010. George Ruebush was born August 9, 1811 and died November 25, 1891. He married Catherine Cook23 who died August 2, 1878 at 65 years 11 months and 28 days. Both are buried at St. John’s.1 The insignia on George’s gravestone indicated he was a member of the Royal Arch, a branch of the Society of Free Masons. He and Catharine lived on a farm near Staunton consisting of 200 acres.25

4011. Peter Ruebush was born in 1813.26 On March 30, 1836, he married Frances Burkholder,27 daughter of Christian J. and Kitty (Crist) Burkholder.28 Peter died June 24, 186226 while serving as a Confederate soldier,29 and is buried at Greenville.23 He and Frances lived on a farm in Augusta County.17

4012. John H. Ruebush was born May 22, 1815 and died April 17, 1895. He married Malinda Hinton who was born June 10, 1812 and died June 28, 1891. She is buried near Churchville in Augusta County, Va.1 He is buried at Greenville.23 They lived on a farm in Augusta County, Va.17

4013. Jacob Ruebush was born in 1817 and died in 1907. He married Dianna Dice who was born in 1816 and died in 1889. They are buried at Mt. Olivet United Brethren in Christ Church.1 He was a farmer in Augusta County.17

4013A. Elizabeth (“Betsy”) Ruebush was born in 1819.26 She married Henry Burkholder, but they were separated.1

4014. Samuel J. Ruebush was born March 21, 1821 and died May 22, 1863. He is buried in Churchville Methodist Cemetery. He married Sarah Lanah (“Lannie”) Neff on May 14, 1851 in Augusta County.1 He was a farmer in Augusta County, Va.,17 but, during the Civil War, he served in Company D, 37th Virginia Infantry,30 and died while serving the confederacy.31

4014A. Mary Magdalena (“Maggie”) Ruebush was born in 182628 and died December 12, 1878. On July 27, 1850, she married Stephen Myers (Meyers).1

4015. Silas Ruebush was born April 4, 1826 and died April 4, 1896. He is buried at Union Chapel. On October 4, 1852, he married Susan J. Hogshead, who was born October 1, 1831 and died December 23, 1901.1 She is also buried at Union Chapel.25 During the Civil War, he served in Company I, 14th Virginia Cavalry, enlisting May 13, 1861.30, Roll 136 By 1880, he was living in Rockingham County.20

4015A. Susannah Ruebush was born February 13, 1828 and died May 26, 1895. She is buried a Singer’s Glen, Va. She married the Rev. Timothy Funk,1 the son of Joseph and Rachel (Britton) Funk.29

4015B. Lucinda Ruebush was born September 15, 1831 and died December 6, 1895. She married Gideon (“Rube”) Smith,1 and it is believed they are both buried at Churchville.23

4016. Ephraim Ruebush was born at Churchville, Augusta County, Va. on September 26, 1833. He married Lucille Virginia Kieffer32 on March 28, 1861.33 She was born July 23, 1843 at Warm Springs, West Virginia, when her parents were returning home from the West. During the Civil War, Ephraim was a Union soldier, but his life-long friend and brother-in-law Aldine S. Kieffer, had served in the Confederate Army. The latter was taken prisoner, and, after the war, Mr. Ruebush secured his release from Fort Delaware. The two of them formed the Ruebush-Kieffer Company then, a music publishing firm, at Singer’s Glen, Va. In 1879 they moved their plant to Dayton, Va.,32 and it is still (in 1970) in operation there. Ephraim’s wife died September 26, 1924.33

4016A. Catharine Ruebush was born in 1836.28 She married George Sellers,23 and they lived in Toledo, Ohio, where she was a buyer28 for the Lehmans-Paulding Company,23 a department store.28 She is buried in Ohio.23

Children of Peter Ruebush, #402 (Most of his descendants spell the name,”Rubush”)
4020A. “Polly” Rubush – According to the records at Frieden’s Church, Polly, daughter of Peter and Susanna, was born May 1, 1814. She was baptized September 18, 1814 at Frieden’s, the sponsors being Peter’s brother, John, and his wife Polly,1 (Mary Huffman Ruebush), for whom the child may have been named.

4020. John Rubush was born April 28, 1816 and was baptized at Frieden’s Church.1 He was an ordained minister of the Evangelical United Brethren Church, and was its first missionary to Tennessee.34 He married Sarah Catharine Paul of Dayton, Virginia who was born March 22, 1829 and died March 15, 1878.35 John died at Leiterburg, Md. on Dec. 16, 1881 and is buried at Reedysville.23

4020B. Catherine Rubush was born in 1818.9 She married Alexander Piper.23

4021. George Rubush was born in 1820.9 He married Margaret E. Snyder on August 9, 1852.36 Another reference states that his wife’s name was Margaret Smith.23 he moved to Indiana, and died there in Tipton County.37

4021A. Sally Rubush. 34 It is estimated she was born c. 1825.

4021B. Eliza A. Rubush was born in 1828.9

4022. Christian E. Rubush was born in 1832.9 On May 13, 1854, he married Susan C. (Caroline) Miller.36 After their marriage, they lived with his father on his farm in Augusta County.38 On April 18, 1861 he enrolled in Company E of the 5th Virginia Cavalry ?(Infantry), and the records say he was 29 on June 30, 1861. He became sergeant on May 23, 1861. He was killed in battle near Richmond on June 2, 1864.30

4023. William Glossbrenner Rubush was born August 9, 1833 and died February 19, 1914.39 He learned the carpenter’s trade in Augusta County, and in 1857, he went to Eastern Tennessee, working there as a carpenter, and living with his brother, the Rev. John Rubush. After the war borke out in 1861, he crossed the lines to the North,39 finally coming to Indianapolis, Indiana in 1863. He also worked here as a carpenter until 1864 when he went to Failifield. There he manufactured shingles. He returned to Indianapolis in 1878 where he established himself as a builder and carpenter.40 In 1864, he married Maria Elizabeth Warwick who was born March 30, 1839 and died December 31, 1906. Both she and William died in Indianapolis. He was a member of the First E.U.B. Church in Indianapolis from 1862 to 1914, serving as a trustee most of that time.39

4023A. Maria J. Rubush was born in 1836.9 There may be some confusion about whom she married. In one place it is started that she married Henry Miller, and, in another, that her husband’s last name was Baskin.23

4023B. Rebecca Rubush was born in 1838,9 and married James Swink.23

4023C. Mary Ellen (“Molly”) Rubush was born in 1840.9 She married William Engleman and both died in Virginia.23



Here is more history:

The proper English spelling of the name is Ruebush, not Reubush or Rubush.

1732 –September 30, 1732, Henry Ruebush Landed in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, from the Ship Dragon: Pennsylvania German Pioneers, Henkle, Norristown, 1934, Volumn (v) I, page (p) 96; Ship Dragon, Commander, Charles Hargrave, from Rotterdam; Peter Rowdenbush, HENRY Rowdenbush-RUEBUSH p. 97; Ship Dragon, qualified, September 30, 1732; Peter Raudenbush, Heinrich-HENRY-Raudenbush; p;98; Palatines from Dragon, qualified, Sept. 30, 1732; Peter Raudenbush, Henrich Ruadenbush; Pennsylvania Historical Records, Strausburg; Maryland Historical Society.

1736 –March, 1736, Mary (2), wife (w) of JOHN (1) of Pennsylvania and Maryland was born (b), “Molly” Keller, tombstone(tF) at Friedens Reform Church, Rockingham County, Virginia, about 3 miles east of Mt. Crawford,says, b. March, 1736, 20 July 1815. JOHN (1) was the eldest son(s) of HENRY and MARY (1) and family tradition says that he was a miller, possibly on the Conocheague Creek, west of Hagerstown, Maryland; 1. Margaret Ruebush Long, 2. Susan, christened 4 May 1772, at Zion Reform Church (Records), Hagerstown, 3. George, 4. JOHN (2), 5. Peter, buried at St. John’s Reform Church, Augusta County, Virginia, Middlebrook, east on State Highway 670, 2 mi. north on 683, 2.2 miles west; on 701, north 1/10 miles On 695, and 6. Mary Ruebush Cline- Kline, (6s3).
Subject to verification; Father of MARY Keller Ruebush was John Keller, (Cellar, Coller, Sellers), Palatine. Rupp’s 30,000 Germans, p, 102, 16 September 1736, on Ship Princess Augustus, Rotterdam to Philadelphia; Hagerstown, 10 August 1753, pattented 363 acres (a), Hall of Records, Annapolis, Maryland; John’s children; 1. John, 2. Joseph, 3. Thomas, 4. George, 5 Mary, 6. Rebecca, 7. Hannah, 8. Susan; division of 363a. Frederick, Maryland, Deed Book (DE) N, P 200, died (d), 15 December 1796, age 83 years, 10 months, 11 days; Maryland Historical Society; Hagerstown, Will Book C, P. 379 gives will of George Keller,date, 3 December 1828.

1738 – HENRY at this time was in Berwick Township (now in Adams County), York County, Pennsylvania, which came froiu Lancaster County, 19 August 1749; History of York County, by John Gibson, 1886 p.300.

1750 – October 4, 1750, HENRY-“Routenbush” received a patent from Thomas and Richard Penn for 200a in Berwick; “Beginning at a markcd black oak standing on the south side of the Creek Conewago”; thence up the same; recorded (rec) in the Rolls Office, Philadelphia, Patent Book A. V. 14, p. 523, 25 October 1750, York D3 2K p. 277, 7 June 1794.

1768 – Margaret, daughter of JOHN (1) and MARY (2), 2 d, b. 28 Dec. 1768 w. of Adam Long. d. 27 April 1839, age 70 y, 4m, ld, tF; Children; 1. “Margreth:, b. 31 April 1794; Friedens Records, l786 1834, p. 12(Fp), 2. Adam, b.27 Oct. 1796, 3. Elias, b. 21 April 1799, Fp. 25, 4. Susanna, b. 19 Aug. 1802. Fp. 31, 5. Jacob, 6. Peggy, 7. Polly, 8. Elizabeth, 28 July 1788.

1770 – HENRY “Henry Radibush and wife” were “prominent members of the Brethern Church”-“dunkers”- Mummerts Brethern Church, a Conewago congregation; History of York, p. 389; “Henry Randibush and wife History of German Baptist Brethern, Martin Grove Brumbaugh, 1899

1775 – January 23, 1775, George, s. of JOHN (1) and MARY (2) was b., d. 2 January 1851, t.F., 28 May 1738, 13 July 1850.

1782 – JOHN (2), s. of JOHN (1) and MARY (2) was b., 23 January 1782, tom.(t) says; “John Ruebush, sen.”, 91 yrs, 5 mons, 16 days”, d. 6 Feb 1874, br. w. at Union Chapel, Prebyterian, organized 15 Feb. 18__ Stover’s Shop, l mi, e., northwestern (nw) part of Augusta on Warm Springs Turnpike, Virginia Highway 42, south (s) of Bridgewater; probated (prob) 27 April 1874; 12 children listed; 1. George,b. 7 August 1811, Fp. 57. when Mary (3) was 18y., 2. Peter, b. 23 Mar. 1813, Fp.61, Confederate Veteran that d. during Civil War, married to “Fannie” Frances Burkholder, 3. John H., b. 22 May 1815, d. 17 April 1895, ma Matilda Hinton, B. 10 June 1812, d. 28 June 1891, br. near Churchville, Augusta, 4. Jacob, b. 1817, d. 1907, ma. Dianna Dice, b. 1816. d. 1899, br. Mt. Olivet United Brethern in Christ, (U.B.), Old Order, built in 1895, about 300 yards n. of Mt. Zion-Evenge1ica1 United Brethern (EUB), 19 Jan 1850, Highway 747, 2 mi. southwest (sw’), Mt. Solon; children; 1. Mary Ruebush 1846-1942, ts., Mt. 0., 5. Elizabeth “Betsey”, ma Henry Burkholder separated.

6. Samuel, b. 21 March 1821, d. 22 May 1863, in Confederate Army, br. Churchville Methodist Cemetery by J. J. Glossbrenner, U. B. Bishop, ma. Sarah-“Lannie”- Neff, 14 April 1826, d. 4 April 1851, Augusta Marriage Records (AMR) , p. 231, 7. Silas, b.4 April 1826, d. 4 April 1896, br. Union Chapel, ma. 10 April 1852, AMR, p. 231, Susan J. Hogeshead, b. 26 May 1895, t.say b. l0 January 1831, d. 23 January 1901, 8. Susan-Susanna-b. 13 Feb 1828, d. 26 May 1895, t. says b. 10 Jan. 1831, br. Singers Glen, ma. Rev. Timothy Funk, b. 26 Han. 1834, d. 11 June 1909, 9. Lucinda,Lucinda, d. 6 Dec. 1895, age 63 y, 2 m.21 d., ma. Gideon R. “Rube”- Smith and had a daughter Molly, 10. Magdaline- Mary? ma. 27 July 1850, Stephen Moyers Myers AMR., P.–d. 12 Dec. 1878, 11. Catherine “Kate”- ma Geor. Sellers, 12. EPHRAIM, b. 26 Sept. 1836, d. 18 Nov. 1924, ma. LUCILLE VIRGINIA KIEFFER, b. 23 July 1843, d. 23 July 1919, br Dayton Cemetery. It is thought that JOHN (2)may have been a miller at Grattan’s Mill, Mt. Crawford, before buying at Stover’s Shop, 22 July 1815, (12s7).
1 Oct. 1782, “Henry Rowdybush, Sen’r of Berwick” agreed to sell to Christain Grove of Hanover Town, 116a on the ‘great Connewago” adjoining (adj.) other lands of HENRY, for 400 pounds, “hard money of gold or silver coin”; York.

1784- 5 Feb. 1784, date of HENRY’s Will, states that his wife is Anna MARY (1) and children are; 1. JOHN (1)” to my first born son John one shilling sterling for his portion because he always was a disobedient,child and hurt me greatly”, “to the six children of my son John born by Molly Keller in equal shares”, 2. Michael, favorite, “all my plantation” 3. Solomon, “one shilling, 4. Daniel, “one shilling”. 5. Henry, 6. Jacob. 7. “Elizabeth the wife of John Baker”, 8. “Caty the wife of Christain Grove”, 9. Easter, HENRY was br. at Mummerts, about 2 mi. w. of Abbottstown, close by Connewago River, which is now crossed by a wooden covered bridge, 10 June 1955, 9s6. 28 Feb.-1784, Appraisment (appr.) of HENRY’s estate (est) filed in York, made William Mummert and Michael_________, 25 Mar. 1784, by Samuel Arnold and Peter Deardorf, Executors (exor). 4 Sep. 1784, rec., 11 Sept. 1784, DB-4-p. 37, Washington County Hagerstown: Jonathan Hager to MARY Ruebush, “widow”, “for and during her natural life twenty acres of land being a part of —————————————–line unreadable—————————————– the lands of John and George Collars” (Keller, her brothers). consideration, 5 shillings.

1787 –31 May 1787, MARY- Orphan’s~Court, York, Bock F., p. 111; Samuel Arnold and Peter Deardorf qualified as administratots (admr), of the Est. Of MARY (1), “Roudenbush”, “widow: deceased (decd), who had 82 pounds, 7 shillings, and 1 penny.

1788- 28 May 1788, Michael qualified as guardian (gn) for Margaret, states age 19 y., Susannah 17 y., and George 14, “minor children of John Ruebush, deceased”; Orphan’s Court.York. Book F. p. 154. 1790

1790- United States Census for Pennsylvania lists the following Ruebushes;

Name                 page  County      Township      Ma1es          Females
                                                 over 16 under 16
Catherine Rodenbush  166   Montgomery             0          0         1
David Rautenbush     26    Berks       Albany     1          2         5
George Raadebush     178   Northampton Salsburg   2          3         3
Henry Roudebush      160   Montgomery             2          1         1
Jacob Roudinbush     278   York        Reading    1          2         7
John Roudebush       160   Montgomery             1          0         1
Michael Rudebush     166   Montgomery             2          0         1

There was a Christain Grove in Berwick, p. 289, 2-2-3, also a John Baker there, althought there were a number of John Bakers in Pennsylvania at that time. The Virginia Census for 1790 were burnt by the British in the War of 1812, although a partial census for 1785 exists; Virginia Census, Southern Book Company, Baltimore, supplemented by a list of taxpayers for 1784-6; Virginia Tax Payers, Aughtus B. Fothergill, but no Ruebushes are listed as living in Virginia at the time.

1782- 19 Feb. 1792, 1. Elizabeth, daughter of Mary Ruebush Cline and Conrad was b., Fp. 9 other children; 2. Susanna, b. 3 Feb. 1794, Fp/ 12, 3. Sarah, b. 25 July 1796. Fp. 16, 4. Peter, “son”, b.17 Sept. 1798 Fp. 22, d. July 1857, 5, Katherine, b. 8 Sept. 1800. Fp. 27

1792 –19 Feb. 1792, 1. Elizabeth, daughter of Mary Ruebush Cline and Conrad was b., Fp. 9 other children; 2. Susanna, b. 3 Feb. 1794, Fp/ 12, 3. Sarah, b. 25 July 1796. Fp. 16, 4. Peter, “son”, b.17 Sept. 1798 Fp. 22, d. July 1857, 5, Katherine, b. 8 Sept. 1800. Fp. 27
30 Oct. 1792, MARY, “widow”, reconveyed to Jonathan Hager, for 9 pounds, the 20 a tract, on which Joseph Crimer was her tenant, MARY signed this deed twice, with the correct English spelling RUEBUSH: Hagerstown, DB. G-7-p879, “Liber D, Folio 37, “14 Sept. 1784.
30 Dec. 1792, JOHN(2)’s w. MARY(3), was b., t. says 25 Dec. 1792, d. 18 Aug. 1884, Father, George Huffman, Grandfather, Valentine Hoffman, mother, Barbara, c., 3 Feb. 1793, Anna Maria, Fp. 10. George, age 18 Y., s. of JOHN(l) and MARY (2) was assessed as 1 white over 16 y. with 2 horses; Tithable Book Rockingham (RTB), George Huston’s Company, No. 4, and in 1793 he had 3 horses,

1794 – 3 Feb. 1794, MARY(2)-Anna Marie Rautenbusch-widow of JOHN(l) was God-Mother of Susanna Kline_Cline-father, Conrad, Mother, Mary Ruebush Cline, Fp; 12.
7 June 1794, DB 2K1 p. 277, York, Michael and Juliana, w., to Anthony Deardorf of Reading Township, for 1,200 pounds, the 200 a Penn. farm.
24 Dec. 1794, Peter’s 1st w., Susan Huffman, “a daughter” was b., Fp. 14, sister to MARY (3).

1796– MARY (2), “wittib” – widow of JOHN(1) gave a tablecloth to Frieden’s Fp. 158

1797– February Term, 1797, Burnt Deed Book, Rockingham (BDB), Number 00, p. 198; “Adeed Cline &ux to Ruebush, Acknowledged”. Rockingham Deed Books were largely burnt during the Civil War. In 1797, George was first assessed with 82 a; Land Book, Rockingham (RLB) and the same in 1800-3, 1807, 1817-1820. 31 July 1797, Rockingham Marriage Records (RMR), James Wood was Governor of Virginia, George Ruebush and Daniel Wheelbarger signed the bond, Mathias, her father, wrote to the Clerk requesting the license when Elizabeth Wheelbarger, ma. George Ruebush. 1 Aug. 1797, JOHN(1) and MARY(2)s s. George was married by Daniel Huffman to Elizabeth Willbarger, b. 11 May 1775, d. 7 Mar. 1864, tF, Mathias d. June 1818, age 81 Y, 1,, w. was Margaret, b. 27 July. 1743, d. 1817, .tF, whose grandson, Joseph-Josiah-Wilbarger, was a Texas Scout and Pioneer, for whom Wilbarger County, Texas, was named; Wayland, Virginia Valley Records (VVR), 1930 P. 19.

1798– 2 June 1798, George and Elizabeth’s twin a., Jacob and John, were b., Fp.21, J. K. Ruebush says that one of them was non Compos- Joh. 25 May 1818, George s. of JOHN(1) and MARY (2); Will Book A, p. 187, Rockinham (RWB), dated 15 June 1849, pr, February Term, 1851, says wants to be br. at Friedens and names children; 1. Jacob, d. 9 Aug. 1862, 2. John, 3. Mary Maria Ruebush Whitmore b. 8 Jan. 1800, Fp. 26, “my daughter Mary Whitmore, Peter Whitmore’s wife”, 4. Henry “Heinrich”- b. 4 Sept. 1801. Fp. 29, 5. Margaret Baker, b. 22 Sept. 1803, Fp. 33 “My daughter Margaret Baker, deceased”, d. 10 May 1849, age 45y. 7m 13 d, t F says; consort of Phillip Baker, 6. George, b. 14 July 1805,Fp. 34, d. 13 Sept 1873, w. Catherine, b. 1 Augu 1811, d. 2 Jan 1867. tF. 8. Samuel, b. 3 Sept 1809, Fp.3, d. 10 Dec. 1876, tF, 9. William b. 16 Aug. 18l3, Fp,6l d. 20 Jan. 1883, w. Catherine A., d.2 June 1867, age 79y, 23d, 10. Elizabeth b. 27 aug. 1815, Fp,66- “to my daughters Catherine, Elizabeth, and Susanna”,:VVR, p.428 11. Peter, b. 21 April 1820, Fp. 74, d. 7 Feb.1828, tF, divides property into “eleven” shares, 12, Susanne, 13. Catherine, 13s7.

1800 – 30 April 1800, MARY(2)-“Anna Maria Routenbusch” was Godmother for Anna Maria- Whitmore-Daughter of George and Elizabeth, c. Fp.26,
2 June 1798 A George was ma. to. Susan Tinkle-Dinkle-VVR, p. 37. This George was from Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, J.K. Ruebush thinks that he may have gone to Indiana and become a “Shaker”, l Sept 187?.

1801-12 April 1801, MARY(2) was Godmother for George Braun’s daughter, Fp,27.
7 Nov. 1801, MARY(2)-“Anna Maria Rautenbush”-gave an Alter Cloth a Communion Cloth to Friendens, Fp.98

1805 – George was surety for Woolrey Sailor1 $1,5OO, gn. for Nancy, orphan (or) of John Kiplinger; Rockingham Guardian Bonds (RGB). Peter Tinkle ma. Catherine, dr. of.Woolery Saylor, 24 Dec. 1804, RMA.

1807 – George was assessed with 82a at “34”, “rate per acres & rent of lotts”. “total value 2788” amount (amt) of tax “14”; Property Assessemnt Book) Rockingham(RAB).

1809 – 21 Mar. 1809, March Term, 1809, BDB 000, p, 542 George; “Deed Roler unx. to Ruebush, acknowledged”, also Rockingham Court Clerk’s Minutes, p 190.

1810 – 15 May 1810, George was surety for Martin Baker, $3,000. gn. for Katy Roler, Ann Roler, Jacob Roler, orphans of John Roler, RGB.
“Roudebush, George, 82-34-27.88 in addition to the 14th”, “19-34-646”. assessment, RLB.

1811 – 1 Aug. 1811, George and Sarah-Susan’s daughter, Catherine was b., Fp, 56.
7 Aug. 1811, JOHN(2) and MARY(3) Huffman’s first son GEORGE was born, c. 29 Mar. 1812; “Johannes Rautenbusch, Polly”, “Georg”, Godparents; ” Georg Rautenbusch, Elizabeth” uncle and aunt-Fp.57, t. says; b. 8 Aug. 1811, d. 25 Nov. 1891, age 82y.(80).3m,16d, br. St. John’s with w.
George, the eldest son of JOHN(2) and MARY(3) was the grandson of JOHN(l) of Hagerstown or York and great grandson of HENRY OF York, the father of JAMES ADDISON, youngest son of GEORGE and CATHERINE Cook, whose son is GLENN WHITMORE Ruebush,’ Men of Mark, Wayland, 1940. Other children of GEORGE, per his Will, undated, prob., 22 Feb. 1892, AWB 53, p,473; 1. Jenetta, unmarried, b. 6 April 1936, d. 12 April 1894, br. St. Johns,
2. Sarah-Sallie-Howver, b. 1837, d. 20 Dec. 1928, br. Singers Glen, ma. Abram, b. 1839, d. 1889, children; I. Mary J., 1862-1945, II. Emma C., b. 1870-195 ,III . A. Cornelia, 1873-1948, IV. Lucilla Howver Grim, 3. Mary Catherine Smiley, b. 2 Feb. 1839, d 21 April 1910, br. St. Johns, ma. James F. Smiley, b. 20 Mar. 1848, c 11 Mar 1907, 4. John W., 5. David H., 6. Eliza, unmarried,.b, 1844, d. 1931,7. Thomas P., ma.,18.April l873,Sarah.E.Whitmore, AMR, d.
11 Nov. 1916, 8. Jmes Addison, b. 1849,(8s4).

1812 – 4 Aug. 1812, George’s s., Catherine Cook, was b., d. 2 Aug1878, br. St. Johns. “65y, 11m, 28d”.

1813 – 23 May 1813, JOHN(2) and MARY(3)’s 9., Peter, was b., JOHN (2) was God-father. Fp.61 18 Aug. 1792.

1814 – 16 May 1814, JOHN(2) and “Polly” MARY(3) were Godparents of Polly, daughter of Peter and Susanna, Fp. 61.

1815 – 20 July 1815, Mary(2)Keller Ruebush died, tomb is at Friedens
22 July 1815,Augusta Deed Book (ADB). 41,p.221,rec 21 April 1817; John(2) bought land at Stover’s Shop, 2 tracts,$2,3471/2,from Christain and Elizabeth Balsey, “on the south side of Moffet’s Branch, and containing by estimate one hundred and fifty six and one half acres”, 821/2a and 74Ruebush Family Page 4a, in North River Magisterial District, August, Sw. Bridgewater.

JOHN(2) HOME Stover’s Shop

This home contained a hand-carved mantel, “wood work exquisite design and craftsmanship’, shown in Historic Homes of Northern Virginia, Wayland, 1937, p. 288.

1816 – 28 April 1816, “Jahannes”, s. of Peter and Susan was b., Fp. 68

1817 – George assessed, 82, and 19a, Faught’s Branch-Run- 8 mi. south of Rockingham Courthouse, RLB. Jacob assessed l/2a at New Haven, also in 1820; RLBs.

1818 – 25 May 1818, Jacob’s.w., Susan, was b., ci. 41 May 1861, tF. George and Peter fined for failure to Muster, Captian Eugenio Irwin’s Company; VVR p. 145.

1819- 24 Jan 1819, JOHN(2) and “Polly”, their daughter Elizabeth-“Betsey”-was b., Fp. 71, 18 Aug. l782.
4 May 1819 BDB. 4 p. l58; to George from Henry Wilbarger and Samuel Linn, exers., Mathias Wilbarger, Will dated 9 ~ar. 1818, 3 tracts, 253a, $10,150.89, n. side, Rockfish Road:”North River of South Fork of the Shenandoah”, Robert Balshire patent, 30Mar .l765, from Martin Whitmore, 23 Oct .1797, 2a patented to Mathias Wilbarger, 12 Sept 1798.
4 May 1819, BDB 4 p. 160, George and Elizabeth 3., -“mark” to William Carpenter, 50a, part of the 253a.

1820 –George assessed, l0la., also 202a, 1/2 on Kezzletown Road, 9 mi., s. of Courthouse, “By Wheelbarger’s Executors”, South East District, Aaron Colomon, Commissioner, also in 1821, RLBs.

1821- 4 Jan 1822, “Polly1”-Anna Maria, ma. Peter Whitmore; VVR. p. 33, 2 June 1798. July Term, 1822, BDB.5 p. 371; Ailliam sold land to Johnson Trick, Catherine ma. Jacob Wizel; VVR., p. 40.

1827- 4 Jan 1827, BDB, 7 p. 347, George and Susan, w., of Montgomery, Pennsylvania-“Virginia” is error- to Jacob Tinkle, “undivided ninth part” in land of ” Fr zz Tinkle, dec’d”, acknowledged in Rockingham, 30 April 1800. March Term, 1827, BDB. 7 p. 307; AA deed for land from George Ruebush & wife to Jacob Tinkle, certified”
29 Sept 1827, ADB 50, p. 47. JOHN(2) bought land of George’ and Elizabeth Fifer, 185a, “nine hundred and fifty pounds”. Gardner Patent, 5 Feb 1781, “on the south fork of Moffett’s Branch”, calls for Hogshead and Shelly.

1829 –7 Feb 1829, ADB. 58.p.178, JOHN(2) and MARY(3) sold 1 l/2a, “on west side Moffett’s Branch” to Joseph Fauver. JOHN(2) built a schoolhouse.
6April 1829, George, surety for Joseph Sherfey, Jr., $1,000, Exor. Jacob Sherfey, Sr., Executors Bonds, Rpckingham (REB), l8l9

1830 –Elizabeth d.,at. St. Johns. 12 June 1830, GEORGE-“John” is error age 19y ma. CATHERINE Cook, age 17y by, James’Kerr, A,R, p. 43.
24 Aug. 1830, ADB. 52,p.517, JOHN (2) bought land of Cocheran, 181/2a, south side of South Fork of Moffett’s Branch.

1834- 30 May 1834, ADB. 56 p. 111, to Peter from Peter Beard and others, $800, 140a, “more or less”. “Adjoining the lands of James Byers, Samuel Whitmore, John Estell & others near the road 1eading from Miller’s Iron Works to Jennings Gap”, 8 April 1839, 13 April 1848.

1835 –31 Oct 1835, RWB A, p. 120, George and David Whitmore witnessed the Will of Martin Whitmore, proved Jan. Court, 1843; VVR, p. 437.

1836- 16 Mar 1836;ADB 57, p. 380, rec. 17 Mar.18361 to George from Michael and Selilla Daggy, 105a, $900, “near the head of Mossy Creek and adjoining the lands of Samuel Miller, Wm. Hogshead, Henry Nair”, about 2 mi.sw. Mt. Solon, sold, 10 Mar. 1852
7 Oct 1836, ADB 58, p. 178, J0HN(2) bought land of Daniel and Katherine Shelly, $200, 29a, “the branch “to a stone Ruebush’s corner, thence with said Ruebush’s line S 17 E 4 poles to a stone, xx S 68 W 86 poles to a white oak, thence, leaving said Ruebush’s line”, 1815-36, 156 I/2a, 185a, 181 l/2a and 29a; 389a, leas 1 l/2a ; 387a.

1839 –29 Jan. 1839, ADB 60, p. 133, to JOHN (2) from Mathew Hunter, agreement to buy 238a, $3,200.
27 Mar 1839, ADB. 60, p. 134, to Peter from Mathew and Catherine Hunter, 238a, same as 29 Jan 1839, “the north corner of the old still house, thence straight up, to a walnut;, Frenger’s line, 14 Feb. 1842.
8 April 1839, ADB 60, p. 342, to Peter from David Beard, 1/10th undivided interest in Beard land, 30 May 1834.

1840 –March Term, 1840, BDB. 14, p. 60, Peter and wife to Peter Weaver.
27 Aug. 1840, ADB. 61, p. 181, to Peter from John W. Cochran, Commissioner(Comm), suit of Peter and Elizabeth, 2d w., v. Jacob and Eliza Ann Beard, infants of Samuel Beard, Decd., Bill alleges 196a,but surveyed out 160a, “near the road leading from Miller’s Iron Works to Jennings Gap”, adj. Samuel Whitmore, $14 per a.,
27 Aug. 1840, 13 April 1848, 14 Oct. l8~0. 27 Aug. 1840, ADB, 61 p. 183, Peter, Deed of Trust (d/t) to Breeze Johnson to secure balance on Beard 160a.
27 Aug. 1840, ADB 62, p. 70, Peter and Elizabeth, her mark, to Samuel Whitmore, “on the waters of Moffett Creek”, 160a Beard land.
15 Dec 1840, GEORGE and CATHERINE’as., John W. was b., c. 28 June 1916 br. McDonough County, Illinois, ma. 15 Oct. 1870, Sarah Ann Pyle, d. 1939, Children; 1. Harry, d. 1940. 2. Eunice. ma., 15 Aug. 1910, Wilbut Wa1sh, who d. 8 Nov. 1940. Child; Hazel Mae, b. 7 July 1911, ma 5 July 1933, Earnes Lovctt, 3. Dallas D., ma. Louise Daley, children; I. Helen, ma Wendell Robinson, child: Donna Louise, II. Alice, ma. Maurice Arnold, children. (1) Tommy,
(2) Maurice, (3) Shirley Ann, (4) Jimmy, (5) Jerry Lee, III, John, ma. Dorthy Huston, Children,
(1) Jackie, (2) Janie, (3) Toanolad, ma. Iv Robert, ma Idell Barker, Child; Paul Ricahard,
4. Maude, ma. Harvery Herring, 5. Lee, ma. Myrtle Pace, child; Eulalia Eunice, me. Glenn Hall, then Walter Merrick, child; Lee Jr., (5s3).

1841 –March Term, 1841, BDB. 14, p. 233; “A deed for land George Ruebush & wife to Jacob Ruebush.”

1842- 6 Feb. 1842, ABDB. 62, p. 377, to George from Joseph Dossry, 61a, $1.00, 10 July 1856. 14 Feb. 1842, ADB. 63, p. 221, to Peter, Sr., from Alexander and Mary McComb, “‘on the waters of Christain Creek”, 221a, 31 poles (p), $2,800. ‘corner to Granger and Peter Ruebush, Jr.”, “corner to Gibon land:, :corner to Palmer land:, :Hay ‘s corncr”, sw. Greenville, 22 Mar. 1858. 21 Nov. 1842, GEORGE and KATHERINE’s s., David Henry, was b., d. 10 May 1919, ma. by Rev. Reed Stward, 30 Jan. 1873, Elizabeth Jane Yates-poetess who was b. 5 Oct. 1852, d 22 Dec. 1845, both ~ br. Macomb, IIlinois,Children; . Fred Ernest, b. 9 Mar. 1875, ma. 25 Nov. 19106, Mary M Zoll, b. 22 Oct 1875, children; .I. Ruth Lucille, b. 18 Feb 1911, ma 25 Nov.1845 Vilas Curtis, children; (1) Gene Arthur, b 17 Mar 1947, (2) Ronnie Lee, b. 13 Feb. 1948, (3) Nancy Elaine, b., 29 Mar. 1949, II David Henry b. 20 Nov. 1915, ma 3 Aug. 1940, Betty Ann Stewart,b., 18 Nov. 19?? children; (1) Sarah Ann, b., 8 Jan 1943; (2) David Henry III, b. 24 Oct. 1945. (3) Sarah Jane, b. 14 July 1951, 2. Bertha May, 10 Nov. 1876; ma. 8 Feb.1906 Angrew Scott, b. 15 Sept 1871, d. 1955, 3. Roy Finly, b. 21 Feb. 1880. ma. 4 Oct 1910, Nora Chatterton, b. 14 Feb 1881, 4. Raymond L., b., 4 Aug. 1885, ma 28 Dec. 1915, Hazel Argenbright b. 6 April 1883, d. 6 Feb. 1943, m Helen Wilson Hleedham, b 2 April 1892, 5. George Yates, b. 4 June 1888, ma. 4 Sept 1913, Hallie Whaley, b. 19 Aug. 1942, (2) Larry Eugene; b. 5 Mar. 1944, (3) Nancy Kay, b. 13 Jan l949, II .Martha Elizabeth, b. 8 Oct. 1920, ma. 4 Sept 1948, William Lanham, child (1) Rebecca Ann, b. 1 May 1951, (2) Raymond George, III. Mervin Henry, b. 1 Aug. 1922, IV. Kenneth Lee, b. 23 Oct.1935, 6. Walter David, b. 24 Aug. 1890, ma. 2 Mar. 1922, Helen Archer, b. 27 June 1893, children.I. Harold Edwin, b. 18 Sept 1923, ma. 1945, Martha Hardisty, child; Dennis Mark, b. 4 July 1949, II. Ruth Eileen,b. 10 Sept 1925, ma. 8 Nov. 1942, Kenneth Westorhoid b. 28 Jan 1922, children (1) Anita Lea, b. 28 June 1944, (2) Rodney Lynn, b. 17 oct; 1946, (3) Connie Sue, b. 19 Aug. 1951, III Eldon Archer, b. 29 June 1930, ma. 29 Oct. 1950, Wanda Gi1ls b. 26 June 1930, IV. Donald Lee, b. 21 May l933. 7. Carl. b. 24 April 1896; ma. Hulda Paulsgrove, b., 17 June 1898, children I. Dorothy Lue b. 2 April 1925, d. 23 Feb. l936,II.Ethel Maxine. b. 23 Nov. 1938, ma. 4 Sept 1944. Robert Goodpaster. b. 1 Sept;’. 1927, child; Dean Lowell, (7s6).

1843- 10 Feb. 1843, ADB. 63, p. 453, to George from James Laird, exer. of est. of David Laird. decd.,.$1.00, “on the waters of Middle River, containing by estimate 34 acres”, ‘stake in the,. Kezzletown Road”.
11 Feb. 1843, ADB. 63. p. 454, George d/t to Byers, Jenj. Weller, surety, to secure James Laird on the 34a, $648, releases (rel)
10 May 1851, AdB. 71, p. 71.
4 Aug. 1843, BDB. 16, p. 345, to William from George Showalter and Margaret, w., 128 l/4a,adj. George Roler.

1845- 8 Dec 1835, ADB. 66, p. 32. to GEORGE from Richard H. Dudley, $710, 50a, Johathan and Catherine Horn gave Dudley power to sell, ADB. 64. p. 348, ADB. 64, p. 389, “on a branch called Free Mason Run, the waters of the North River”, adj. Henry Nair and GEORGE, 10 Mar. 1852.

1846- 19 Feb. 1846, ABD. 66, p. 176. GEORGE and CATHERINE, Her mark, to Jacob and John Cook, $280, interest in “land of which John Cook lately died seized and consisting of several tracts containing together by estimate” 274a, “on a branch of Naked Creek”, adj. Samuel C. Byers and Henry Wildarger, “to which the said Ruebush was entitled in right of his wife who was one of the heirs at law of said John Cook, dec’d, 1 Mar. 1870.
19 Feb. 1846, ADB. 66. p. 324, GEORGE and CATHERINE to Robert Binn, 4a, 3r,34p. adj. Henry Nair, Robert Lynn and Horn tract, right of way reserved from Horn tract, 16 Mar. 1836.
10 Oct. 1846, ADB. 66, p. 178, to George from William and Mary Frances Johnson, adj. Cook heir and Christain Landes, “the Keezletown Road, corner to Ruebush’s land”.
16 Nov. 1846. BDB 19. p. 89. to John from Henry Bare and Elenor,. part of Dayton lot.

1847- 15 Feb. 1847, ADB. 67. p. 40, to John from Peter, Jrs. and Frances, w., $1,600, 107a, 3r. road reserved, 22 Mar. 1858.
25 Nov 1847. John d. Dec 1882 and Sarah’s s., Dr. David Paul Light Artillery, was a Tennessee U. B. preacher, practiced medicine in Indianopolis, Indiana, brother was Homer, living in Virginia, son was Carl, father of Walton of Bloominton, Illinois; Letter to Elizabeth Ruebush, at Macomv, 16 Nov. 1931.

1848 13 April 1848, ADB.60, p. 369, Peter and “Elizabeth is wife, late Elizabeth Beard”, and others to Wonderlick, $1,300, 57a.

1894– 10 Feb. 1849, ADB. 69, p. 206, GEORGE And CATHERINE, 7 l/2a to J__ than and Morgan Horn, “part of the tract upon which said Ruebush now resides”, on Free Mason Run, 16 Mar. 1836.
11 July 1894, BDB. 22 p. 313, to George, “sen.” from Jesse and Margaret Thompson,18 1/4a. Cross Keys, $150.
14 July 1849, ADB. 69, p. 244, to John from Zaceriah and Sallie Johnson, 106a, adj. Thomas Walker.
October(?)m 1849, GEORGE and CATHERIN’S 5., James ADDISON, was b. Augusta Census, 1850. 27 June 1850;”James A. 12 Sept, ma Sallie Esther Whitmore, b. 9 July 1852, d. 2 Mar. 1942, he d. 23 1892, of typhoid fever, br. with w. at Nt. Horeb, EUB, Hinton, just south of United States Highway Number 33, 6 mi. w. of Harrisonburg.

1850- 19 Jan. 1850, ADB. 69,p651, George and CATHERINE to Abraham Huffman, Isaac Rankins, and John Showalter, “in trust as the property of the Church of the United Brethern in Christ of the Virginia Annual Conference”(UB), “a certain lot of land in the vicinity.of Mt. Solon on a branch called Free Mason Run, it being a part of the tract that said Ruebush purchased of Henry Blakemore on the main road leading from Mt. Solon to the Augusta Springs”, $50, 80 poles of l/2a, Mt. Sion, EUB, 16~Mar. 1836.
9 April 1850, BDB., 23. p. 98. “George Ruebush, Senr.,. & Elizabeth Ruebush to William Redoeffer, 16 l/4a, 471.41.
27 June 1850, Augusta Census, 1850; GEORGE Ruebush, farmer, land value $3,500, age 49y (39?), CATHERINE, 35, Jennetta, 15, Sarah E. 12, Mary C. 10, JohnW. 8, David H. 6. Eliza 5, Thomas 4, James A, 12 Sept., 7 Aug 1811, 11 Aug. 1860.
28 June 1850, JOHN Ruebush, famer, land value $18,000, b. in Marylnad, age 64y (68?), MARY 59, Samuel 26, Mary M. 24 Silas 22, Susannah 21, Lucinda 19, Ephriam 15, Catherine 14, 18 Aug. 1782.
1850, Jacob,farmer,age 32,Dianna 22(?).William w. 9
12 July 1850, Sarah 26.
13 July 1850, Rockingham Census, p. 57; George, farmer b. in Maryland, age 75y., Elizabeth, b. in Maryland, 75, Mathias 37, Samuel 30, Elizabeth 27, Susan 25,.140a improved (imp) land, 63a unimproved (unimp).
13 Jly, 1850, William 35, fariDer, $2,100, Catherine 30, Elizabeth S. 6, Mary S., 3 ,Products of Agriculture, 80a imp., 37a umimp., $2074, 2 horses, 3 cows, 4 cattle, 19 hogs, 300 bu. wheat, 300 bu. corn, 100 bu. oats.
Augusta Census, 1850, 2d District, p. 46; George, farmer 45, Mary 35, James H. 11, John L. 6,Eliza A. 3 Benjamin F. 1.
p. 57; John, farmer, 52, Mary 28, Virginia L. 1.
5 Oct. 1850, Schedule 4; John 75a imp, land, 33 unimp., value of farm $1, 728. Peter, l00a imp., 29a unimp., value $2,064.
7 Oct. 1850; John (h), farmer, 37 y. Malinda 38. Evaline 8, Phoebe 4, John E. 1/12.
14 Oct. 1850, p. 215; Peter 39, Frances 37, Mary E. 15, John C. 11, Abraham 8, Mathew 6, Hetty A. 5, Geraldine 2/12,
4 Dec. 1863. p. 237; Peter, “Sr”, farmer, b. in Pennsylvania (I), age 56y, Elizabeth 47; Catherine 32, George 30, Eliza A. 22 ,Christain 18, William 16, Maria 14, Rebecca 12, Mary E. 10, 1 May 1814, 28 April 1816, .27 Aug. 1840, 11 Sept. 1879.

1851- October Term, 1851, BDB. 23 p. 542, to John from Turner M. Jackson.

1852 –10 Mar. 1852, ADB. 73. p. 55, GEORGE and CATHERINE, w., to George Huffman, Frederick Speck, Elizabeth Bunnman, Robert Thuma, and John Walton (1) to Huffman, home tract, 43a, 122p. less 1/2a to church, also woodland, 20a and right of way, (2) to Speck,. 11a ,67p. (3) to Bunnman, 26a, 96p, also 2 11/2a, woodland, (4) to Walton, 10a, 157p, and (5) to Thuma, 27a, 105p, vendor’s lien, $300 per anum for 5 y, $2,000, cash, rel. 11 June 1856, ADB. 76, p 207.
10 April 1852,DB, 74, p. 178, to GEORGE from Templeton McGuffin, 182a, 1 rood (r), 25p, “adjacent to the lands of William Cochran, John Strain and others, meets and bounds are given but no identifying land marks, Middlebrook, e. on #s 670-662, about 5 miles.
10 April 1852, ADB. 74, 180, GEORGE to John Newton to secure McGugin, $1,875

2 June 1852, ADB. 73, p. 123, to George from Adam Long, Sr.. $85.30, 2 a, 3 r, 16 p. “stone Ruebush corner on Keezletown road”
9 Aug. 1852, AMR. p. 231, George ma. Margaret F. Snyder.

1853- 21 April 1853, Augusta Birth Records (ABR), p. George and Margaret’s s., Joseph Alexander, b. near Bethel Church, George was a brick mason.

1854- 25 Feb. 1854, ADB. 74. p. 249, George and Mary, w., to Myers, ,interest in Myers land at New Hope
31 Aug. 1854, ADB. 74.p; 587, to George from Wheeler & Craig, . waters of Middle River,37 1/2e

1855- 1 Mar. 1855, ADB. 75, p. 231, to Peter and John from Eliza G. Hunter, her dower right in Henry B. Hunter land 138a, from which to ccme 107a, 3 r.
24 Mar. 1855, ADB 75, p 28, Peter to Henry Burkholder, in trust to secure John H. $2,693.75 on 107a, 3r, bought of John H.
24 Mar. 1855, ADB. 75, p. 35, John H. and Matilda, w., to Pete 107a, 3r.

1856-28 April 1856, ADB. 76, p. 1l7,.to George from Eli Long and Na_ 29a, 3r. 29p. $1,197. “on waters of Naked Creek”
13 May 1856, ADB p. 233, Christian ma. Susan C. Miller;
16 May 1856, ADB 76, p. 63, JOHN AND MARY “mark”, to Jacob, $4,920.50, on waters of Moffets Branch, 98 l/2a, “corner to xx Samuel Ruebush,thence with Samuel Ruebush’s line xx corner to Samuel Ruebush in Silas Ruebush’s line xx on John Whitmore’s line, 9 notes, d/t, ADB, 76, p. 164.
16 May 1855, ADB. 76, p. 166, J0HN and MARY to Samuel, $4,775, 95 l/2a, “headwaters of Moffets Branch” in “Silas Ruebush’s line corner to Jacob Ruebush”, 8 notes, d/t, ADB. 76,p. 167.

185616 May 1856, ADB 76, p. 168, JOHN and MARY to Silas $4 100, 82a, ‘on the water of Moffets Branch and on the north side of the Augusta Springs Turnpike road”, “Beginning at a stone in the Augusta Springs road corner to John H. Ruebush and in the line of Lewis Whitmore’s land;, “corner to Phillip Fauber and Jacob Ruebush”, “corner to Samuel Ruebush”.
16 Mary 1856, ADB 76, P. 171, JOHN and MARY to John H.. , $5,465.62, 109a, lr, l0p, on south side of Augusta Springs Turnpike, calls for Silas and Lewis Whitmore lines, Cochran and Stover corners.
16 May 1856, ADB. 76, p. 172, John H. d/t to A. D. Trotter, to secure 9 notes, due JOHN, “Senr.”, on above land, rel. 3 Dec. 1879, ADB. 94, p. 593.
10 July 1856, ADB. 77, p. 253, George and Catherine to Wm. Blair, $2,000, 8Oa, 82p. 6.Feb. 1842.

1857- 4 Jan. 1857, BDB. 31, p. 534, John and Mary to John Koontz, $800, house and lot #17. Brodgewater. 1/4 a, west side of Turnpike, Oct 1851.
18 Aug. 1857, ADB 77, p. 228, to George from Benjamin Weller, exer., est., Abraham Coffman, adj. Solomon Barros, Eli Long, John W. Roler, 136a, .3r, 11 p.
24 Oct. 1857, ADB. 77, p. 292, GEORGE to Samuel E. Clark to secure $90 bond to Peter, John Newton about $625, Templeton McGuffin $128, Alex Lightner $40, John Antrim $75,Wm. McChesney $25, Mrs. Crist $40. R. D. Hill $44, John Larew $25. pg 184a where he resides also on 2 bay horses, 2 bay mares, 1 black co1t, 4 cows, 6 cattle, 10 hogs, 14 sheep, road wagon, 2 plows, 4 shovel plows. 7 feather beds and bed steads, light power threshing machine.

1858- 22 Mar. 1858, ADB 80, p. 590, Peter and Frances, w., to Henry Lambert, $337.50 interest in land on Christain Creek, 15a, 14 Feb. 1842.

1859- 4 Mar. 1859, ADB. 70, p. 357, Peter and Frances to Augusta Blount, “part of the plantation on which Peter Ruebush resides”, 9a Howardsville Road.
25 July 1859, AWB. 37, p. 125, GEORGE to J. J. Larew, Trustee, d/t on corn, oats,.grapes, hay, flax, wheat, rye, threshing machine, horse wagon, and harness, 2y. old “bay” colt in Highland County, Virginia, $98, Jas. Britton, creditor..

1860- 25 Feb. 1860, BDB. 33, p. 333, to William from R.E. Edwards and Mary C., 5a
22 May 1860, AWB. 37. p. 480, GEORGE, Bill of Sale (b/s) to Larew, “to secure four Executions now in the hands of George M. Apple, Constabel”, creditor. J. L. Antrim, 24 Oct. 1857.
18 July 1860. Augusta Census, North Sub-Division, P. 79. Burk’s Mill Post Office; JOHN, age 76y, b. in “Pa” (MD), personalty $5,200, Polly-MARY-67y, can’t read or write, 28 June 1850. 1, female (f), “domestic”, 20. p. 80, Jacob, farmer land value $5.0OO, personalty $744. age 43y, Diannah 46, D.H. 17, laborer,can’t read or write, M.M. (f) 12, J.W. 7, attending school, L.D. (f) 5. John (H.), farmer 45, land $7,630, personalty $,.735, Malinda 47, E.F. (f) 15, P.J. (f) 13, attending school, M.M. (f) 8, attending school.
Silas, 33, farmer, $4,100, $2,150. S. J. (f) 28, J. W. 6, in school, D.H. 1.
19 July 1860, p. 60; Samuel 37y, farmer, land $5,225, $1,185, L.M. (f) 31, D.V. (f) 4, A.A. (f), 12 Oct.
8 Aug. 1860; p. 136, 1st District, Staunton; Peter, 47, farmer, land $5,400, personalty $1,355, Frances 44, Abraham C. 18, Mathew H. 16, Hattie A. 14, Geraldine 10, 4 Dec. 1863.
Peter 66y., famer b. in “Pa;” (Md?), Betsey-Elizabeth 60, Mary E. 20, Christain 27, Caroline 23, Oliver 3, Brainard 6/12
11 Aug. 1860, p. 132; GEORGE, 47y. farmer, land, $3,600, personalty $538, CATHERINE 46, Janetta 22, Sarah 20, Catherine 18, David 16, in school, Eliza 14, Thomas 12, in school, ADDISON 10, in shcool.
15 Aug 1860, p. 176; George 56, farmer, $22,000, $1,515, Mary 45, James H. 21, Laborer, can’t read or write, John S. 15 can’t read or write, B.F. 10, can’t read or write. George W. 8, can’t read or write, Louse M. 7, Matha E. 4, E. G. 1
Schedule 4, Products of Agriculture, p. 11; Peter, 165a, imp.. value $4,237; Peter, “sen”, 161a, imp., 60a unimp. $4 ,420; Jacob 70a imp.,30a. unimp., $4,500: John (H?) 85a,imp., 24a, unimp. $1,085; Silas 65a1,imp., 17a, unimp., $3,800; Samuel 85a, imp., l0a unimp, $4,750. p. 15; GEORGE, 120a, imp., 60a, unimp. value $3,600, farm implements, $100, 3 horses, 4 Cows, 7 sheep, stock value $288, 3 bu. wheat, 160 bu. rye, 400 bu. corn, 60 bu. oats, 5 bu. beans, 100 bu. potatoes, 1 bu. sweet potatoes, $10, value of orchard products, 500 lbs butter, 75 lbs. cheese, 15 tons of hay, 4 bu. clover seed, 2 bu. grass seed, 14 gals. molasses, 15 lbs. honey, $144, value of animals slaughtered.
List of Slaves. p.4; Silas, 1, 3y. old (f) Black black; 1, ly. old male black

15 Sept. 1860, AMR, p. 233, James H. ma. to Sarah E. Tutwiler, 13 July 1850.
16 Nov. 1860, ADB, 80, p. 83: John H.and Matilda to Gideon R. Smith, 130a, adj. Lewis Whitmore.
22 Dec 1860, ADB 80, p. 16, GEORGE and CATHERINE, w., to John J. Larew, d/t, to secure Joseph Long on 183a, lr, 25p, $1,650, 10 April 1852.

1861- 16 Mar. 1861, ADB. 80, p. 22, John H. and Natilda, land trade with George G. Dunlop and Nary, on Elk Run-Moffets Branch-1 l/4a, “conveyed to the said John H. Ruebush by his father John Ruebush”.16 May 1856.

1862- 20 Aug 1862, AWB, 38. p. 458, Peter, Jr., decd., appr., John J. Larew, Admr.
21 Aug. 1862, AWr. 38, p. 460, list of property of Peter, Jr., sold by Larew, Property taken by Mrs. Ruebush at the appraised value, $451.10, buying at sale were A.C. and John C.
27 Oct. 1862, AWB. 38, p. 507, Samuel, d. 22 May 1862, Jacob. admr., Lana, widow, Settlement(set), 10 May 1864, AWB. 40, p. 228; “1862, July 28, For amt. of monies on hand at the death of intesate, $15.45”.

1863- 9 Mar. 1963, ADB. 81, p. 473, to George from Daniel Wine and Malinda H.., $9,187.50, 131 l/4a, adj. Ruebush, Eli Long, and George Shreckhise, “conveyed to John Whitmore and others”.
23 July 1863,, AMR., p. 234, Abraham C., ma to Angeline M. Britton, 8 Aug. 1860.
23 Aug. 1863, AWB., 45,.p. 349, JOHN (2)., date of Will, prob. 27 April 1874, d. 6 Feb. 1874, b. 18 Aug. .1782. names exers., Jacob, son, and Timothy Funk, son-in-law, surities, Benjamin F. Horn, John H., Gideon R. Smith, Silas, bond $10,000, 18 Aug 1782.
4 Dec. 1863, ABE, 81, p. 447, Peter Ruebush’s Adm’r. v. Frances Ruebush, widow, John J. Larew, Comm. to Augusta Glount, 104a, Howardsville Turnpike, 4 Mar. 1859.

1864- 24 Mar. 1864, AMR. p. 234, David H. ma. to Elline F. Ruebush 18 June 1850, 18 July 1860.

1865- 1 Sept 1865, ADB. 82, p. 322, Frances to John C., Abraham, Theophilus Britton, Jeraldine, and Hatty, 69a, part to land of Peter, husband (h) of Frances.
11 Nov. 1865, ADB. 82, p. 394, John C. and Isabella C., w., to Augusta Blount, undivided interest in 119a.
13 Nov. 1865, ADB. 82. p. 321, Abraham C.. and Angeline M., deed., whole tract, 119a.

1866- 20 July 1866, ADB, 8s, p. 546, Peter land, interest of Theophilus P. and Mary E., w.

1867- 1 Mar. 1867, ADB. 83. p. 140, Abraham C. and Angeline W. to Augusta. Blount, interest in “his father Peter Ruebush estate”, 23 July 1863.
4 Mar. 1867, ADB. 84,p. 26, George and Mary, 3., to Susan, Jacob, and John Whitmore, $5836.25, Burk’s Mill, to George from Weller, 13.Aug. 1857, and Long, 25 April 1858
14 May 1867, ADB. 83, p. 164, to Jacob, Power of Attornery (p/a) from Geiorge A. Sellers
16 June 1867, ADB. 83, p.286, Samuel,.plat of land on Moffets Branch.

1868- 22 April 1868, ADB. 87, p. 20, Peter, Jr., est., Theophilus Britton and Mary E. to A. Blount, interest in Frances dower in Peter, Jr., est.

1869- 1 Mar. 1869, ADB. p. 354, Mary (Kindig?) and John H. re1east.
29 Oct. 1869, AWB. 43, p. 141. Samuel-Lanah(mark), and his widow, d/t to Jacob for John, sen.

1870- 1 Mar. 1870, ADB. 85, p. 380, GEORGE and CATHERINE; David Cook d., Astoria, Illinois, first owned land in Knox County, Ill., then 80a. adj. John and David in McDonough County. Eunice RuebushWalsh remembers her “Uncle David Cook”, who lived awhile in the home of her father, John, and Aunt Lizzie told me that “Uncle David”, was unmarred and intended to leave his property to John and David but d. intestate ; Christain Wetsel and Sarah, nee Cook, w. (of Fulton County, Ill., whose daughter, Cossie, ma. J.B. C. Lutz, whose daughter ma. LeClare H. Amrine, President of Imperila Molded Products Corporation, 532 Roscoe Street, Chicago. Ill.,whose son is Herschel C. Lutz, 547 Jefferson St., Galesburg, Ill.; Henry Wilbarger and Elizabeth, nee Cook, w., to Jacob Cook, $76.92, 75a “on the south branch of Naked Creek”, land of John Cook, Sr., w. was Diana, 19 Feb. 1846.

27 July 1870, ADB. 88, p. 57, Peter and Elizabeth, to Henry Lambert 15a, 25p, Cristain Creek. 28 Sept 1870, ADB, 85, p. 507, Mary E.,m. contract with James W. Engleman.
20 Dec. 1870, ADB. 86, p. 34, to John from Noah Ealy and Sarah, 23a, 12p.

l8722 Sept. 1872, ADB. 87, p. 295, Jacob and Diana, w., to Manapha Lewism collored, 82p, on North River Turnpike, to Jacob from his “father John Ruebush”; 16 May 1856.
19 Dec. 1872, ADB. 87, p. 403, to George from William J. Clements, strip along Valley Rail Road,. 4 Mar. 1875.
20 Dec. 1872, AMR. p. 236, George W. ma. to Martha E. Whitmore, 15 Aug. 1860.

187320 Feb. 1873, ADB. 87. P. 607, George W. and Jenjamin F. to James Bumgardner, undivided interest in est. of George, farm near Mt. Sidney Augusta.
9 Oct. 1873, ADB. 88, P. 504, George – partition of 417a on Middle River. w., Mary C. heirs; 1. James.H., 15 Sept. 1860, 2. John 5., 3. Benjamin F., 4. George W., 5. Louisa M., w. of Jacob A. Whitmore. 6. Martha Ellen, infant (inf), gn, John W. Lanbes, est. appr., Geroge W. Admr., 24 May 1875, AWB. 45, p. 195, b/s to w., Mary C., 27 Dec. 1875, AWB, 45, p. 220, set. by George W and Benjanim F., Admrs., 27 Oct. 1874, Awb. 45, p. 498, land on Keezletown and Waynes boro Road, rel. 25 Jan 1879, ADB., 90, p. 287.

187420 Dec.1874, AMR p. 237, Geroge H. ma to Sarah Isbell Gutsell.

187529 Jan 1875, ADB. 92, p. 298, John H. and Malinda to Samuel Adams, 63p.
4 Mar. 1875, ADB. p. 553, John and Mary to Delia Barbour, 2 r, adj. Valley Rail Road, 19, Dec.1872.
24 May 1875, AWB. 46, p, 74, J0HN Stephen Myers-Moyers-v. Jacol and Timothy Funk, exors., motion for larger bond, “overuled”, 23 Aug. 1863.
26 July 1875,AWB. 46, p. 194, Edward G., gn. set. by John W. Landes, 15 Aug. 1860, 30 May 1878, AWB. p. 286 16 July 1879, AWB 48, p. 144, 6 Mar. 1880, AWB. 48, p; 323.
19 Nov. 1875, AB. 90, p. 184, John S. and Marva L., w., of Preble County, Ohio, to John S, Sr. division of father, Georg’s land, calls for “Middle of reilroad”. 51 112a, 13a.

187619 April 1876. AWB. 46, p. 430, Martha E., Jacov A. Whirmore, gn., set., also 25 July 1877, AWB. 47, p. 17.
25 Nov. 1876, ADB. 93, p. 408, Martha E. to Jacov Whitmore, 62a part of est. of Geroge, vendor’s lien, rel. 28 Feb. 1896 by Martha E. Whitmore, 15 Aug. 1850.

187716 Mar. 1877, AWB. 46, p. 642, Mary S. renounced will of late h. John.
14 April 1877, AWB. 46, p. 701, John decd., appr., b/s, 17 April 1877., signed by David H. and Jacob A. Whitmore, “17 Barrels of Flour in Rockland Mills @ $7.64 per lb.” 10 April 1879, AWB, 48, p. 54.
8 Oct. 1877, AMR., p. 237, Benjamin F., ma. to Bettie S. Freed, 15 Aug. 1860.

18781 April 1878, ADB. 92, p. 574, Silas and Susan to John W. Kiracofe. “on waters of Moffet Branch”, n. “side of August Springs turnpike”. calls for Lewis Whitmore’s line, Jacob and Samuel corner, 16 May 1856.
4 Oct. 1878, AMR, p. 237, Oliver C. ma to Mary E. Reed. 8 Aug. 1860.
12 Dec. 1878, ADB. 93, p. 461, to George from John E. Roller, Trustee in Bankruptcy for Stephen Myers-Moyers-,$95, John H. surety for deferred purchase price, “on the waters of Buffalo Branch”, 9mi. w. of Staunton, 1/4 interest in 100a, 18 Aug.. 1782, Aunt Liza says Stephen n.g.

18796 Mar. 1879, ADB. 98, p. 541, GERORGE and Wm H. Cochran ex-change deed, says, Riverhead District, Greenville and Middlebrook are in Riverhead, 10 April 1852.
7 Mar. 1879, AWB. 47, p. 593, Archebald M., gn. set. by Jacob A. Whitmore, “to amt. rec’d of Wm. Ruebush, admir. of Samuel and Mathias of Rockingham”, “specific legacy by Mathias to ward” also set. for Elizabeth M, 28 Feb. 1880, AWB. 48, p.515, 12 Dec. 1881, AWB. 49,
p. 273, 28 June 1891, AWB. 53, p.85.
10 April 1879, AWB. 47 p. 586, Mary C., decd., appr. of her est., b/s, 1 May 1879, B.C., Admr. 10 April 1879, AWB, 48, p. 54, John. decd., David H. and Jacob A. Whitmore, Admrs.
20 May 1879, ADB. 94, p.200, JOHN Ruebush’s Ex’ers, v. Ruebush &c, W. E. Craig, Commissioner, to Timothy Funk, $2,000. Ephraim, surety for balance of purchase price, 95 1/2a, “on the headwaters of Moffets Branch”, adj. Jacob, John Samuel and Silas.
31 July 1879, ADB. 94, p. 372, GEORGE to Jacob and Timothy Funk, his interest in “estate of his father John Ruebush”
12 Aug. 1879, ADB. 94, p. 542, Silas and Susan to Robert A. Collins, la, 2r, 23p, s.. “side of Union Church road”. ADB. 94. p. 592, JOHN, “Amt. due by John H. Ruebush to Jacob Ruebush and Timothy Funk, Exors, of John, dec’d, case of Myers’ wife V. Ruebush’s Exors., $859.06., l0p, near Stribling Springs, “land from his father John Ruebush”, 16 May 1856.
1 Sept 1879, Peter d., age “95yrs.”, 5 Feb. 1784, property sold
11 Oct. 1879, AWB. 48, p. 189, b/s, John J. Larew, exor.,
2 Feb. 1879, AWB. 48, p. 121 date of Peter’s Will, names children; 1.. Catherine Piper, 2. Marie J. Baskin, 3.. Mary E. Engleman, 1 May 1814, 29 Sept 1870. 4. Rebecca Swink. 5. grand-children I. Cornelia Hoover, II. Oliver, III. William. IV. J. H., Larew, set., AWB. p. 9 says, heirs; 1. Rev. John, Maryland, 28 April 1816, 2. George, Indiana, 30 April 1800, 3. Wm. G., Indiana, 4, Mary E. Engleman, h., James A., 5. Catherine Piper, h., Alexander. 6. Rebecca B. Swink, h.. James A., 7. Maria J. Baskin, h., Hamilton, 14 Oct. 1850, 8 Oct. 1860.
4 Dec. 1879, ADB. 97, p. 155, Peter, John Jr., Larew, exor., of Peter, decd., to James A. Swink, Lot #4, Christain Creek, 45 l/3a.
1 Sept. 1880, ADB. 98, p. 519, Peter, John J. Larew, exor., to Catherine Piper, “Lot 1/3 of the Ruebush farm”, Christain Creek, 9 mi. 9W., Staunton, 24a.
1 Sept 1880, ADB. 100, p. 65, Peter’s exor., Larew, to Wm. D. Englernan, 22 l/4a, also, ADB. 100, p. 114, same to B. Frank Larer, 44 3/4a.

1881- 29 Mar. 1881, AWB, 48, p. 567, JOHN (2), G.R. Smith v. Jacob Ruebush and Timothy Funk, motion for new bond, $1,000 given, John H., surety.
29 Mar. 1881, ADB. 98, p. 480, Silas and Susan I., to Trustees of German BaptistChurch, 1 l/2a. 30 May 1881, ADB. 97, p. 529, George W. and E.G., 1/2 interest in farm 2.mi., e., Mt. Sidney 14 April 1882.
1882 – 4 Jan. 1882, ADB. 97, p. 447, John H. and Malinda to Henry Hoover North River District, 8 1/2a, 4 Dec. 1879.
1 Jan 1882, ADB. 98, p. 349, Jacob and Dianna, to William Lange, “on the waters of Moffets Branch”, 98 l/4a, 16 May 1856, less 82 to M. Lewis, 2 Sept 1872.
3 Mar. 1882, ADB 98, p. 312, George W. of Nebraska City, Nebraska to George M. Cook, “partition of land of which Geroge Ruebush died seized”, Lot #12, 6a rel. 2 Mar. 1887, ADB. 106, p. 146.
15 April 1882, ADB. 98, p. 137, Edward G. and Maggie M., w., to George W.,'”two miles east of Mt. Sidney:, 1/2 undivided interest, “known as Lots No. 1 and No. 8 of the estate of George Ruebush, dec’d:., 30 May 1881.
14 July 1882, AWB. 49, p. 221, Benjamin F., set., admr., est. of Mary C., decd.

1893- 19 Feb. 1883,ADB. 99, p. 221, George W. and Mary C., dower in George, decd., Lot #1, 68a, to David E. Wampler.
21 Feb. 1883, ADB. 99, p. 375, Thos. P. and Sarah E., w. to Alexander Reed, 5la, to Tomas. from James A. Weaver, exor., 20 Feb. l883
13 Mar, 1883, ADV. 100 p. 387, Ruebush’s Admr. v. Ruebush’s widow, &c, J. Fred Effinger, Special (Spec.) Comm. of John S., 40a.
10 June 1883, Peter’s 2d wlk Elizabeth Beard, d., 13 April 1848, br., St. John, t., 88yrs.
20 June 1883, ADB. l00 p. 456, Mary S., w., John 73a, Mt. Sidney from Effinger, Spec. Comm.

1886- 6 Mar. l886, ADB. 103,p. 441, Sarah E., p/a to J. S. Craig.
1 June 1886, ADB. 104, p. 109 Silas and Susan J., w., both sign with X, to Robert Collins, 2a 22p, plat.
1 June 1886, ADB. 104, p..204, to George from John Moyers and Mary C., 1/7th interest, Buffalo Gap, George Keller’s Will, AWB, 25, p. 418.
1 June 1886, ADB, 104, p. 205. George to Wm. J. Nelson, 1/7th interest in Keller land.
ADB. 103, p. 621, Silas and Susan, Albemarle County, Virginia, to W. Shifflett, “headwaters of Moffetts Branch”, adj. Elk Run Church, Funk to Ruebush.

1887 –31 Mar. 1887, ADB. 105, p. 349, to George from Wm. W. Newmand, land of Barbara Myers, to her and her children by Will of Geroge Keller, decd,, Ruebush has 2/7ths, partition deed, 35a to Ruebush, plat, “on Buffalo Branch, sold, 19 May 1894, ADB. 134, p. 445.

1888- January, 1888, John of Illinois, visited his father GEORGE, note in Howver Bible.
30 April 1888, ADB. 106, p. 99 GEORGE to W. E. Craig, Trustee, personal property, to secure Piedman Ferilizing Company, Jannetta and T.P., surities.

1891- 28 Jan. 1891, AWB. 53, p. 344, Malinda Will prob., 29 Sept 1891 to Children 1. Phoebe J. Hoover, 2. Fannie E., afterd. of their father, John (H), Henry Hoover, exor., appr., 1 Jan. 1892 AWB. 53. p. 440.

1892- 31 Mar. 1892, AWB. 53. p. 514, GEORGE, list of property,b/s, $148.21, 182a, @$lO per a.

1893- 6 Jan 1893, AWB. 54, p. 171, Malinda, w. of John H., set. of Henry Hoover, exor., says John H. entitled to 1/3d of $1,051.77
4 Jan 1894. AWB. 54, p. 430, 9 Dec. 1895.. AWB. 55, p. 399. |
5 Oct. 1893, AWB 54, p. 422, John Samuel, set. of John W. Landes. gn.

1894- 15 Jan 1894, AWB, 55,p.132. Jennetta, d. 12 April 1894, James F. Smiley shows value property.

Records of the Friedens Luthern and Reform Congregations

Rockingham County, Virginia, Begun 1786, Containing Baptismal

Parents Child Godparents
Page 9;
Conrad Klein
Feb. 19, 1792, birth
Aug. 10, 1792, christened
Ulrich Seeler
Page 10;
George Hofman
Anna Maria
Dec. 30, 1794
Peter Braun
Page 12;
Adam Long
April 13, 1794
May 10, 1794
Mathias Willberger
Maria Margareth
Page 12;
Conrad Kline
& wf.
Feb. 3, 1794
Anna Maria Rautenbusch
Page 14;
George Hofmann
A daughter
Dec. 14, 1794
Jacob Schutx
Page 16-17;
Conrad Klein
July 25, 1796
Aug. 4, 1796
Christoph Scheidt
Page 21;
George Rautenbush
Johannes & Jacob
June 2, 1796
Aug. 4, 1796
Page 22;
Conrad Kline
& wf.
A son
Aug. 17, 1798
Page 25;
Adam Long
Apr. 21, 1799
Aug. 31, 1799
Ulrich Seller
Page 26;
George Routenbusch
Anna Maria
April 30, 1800
Anna Maria Routenbusch
Page 27;
Conrad Klein
Sept. 8, 1800
Feb. 1, 1801
Katharina Sehlern
Page 27;
George Braun
& wf.
A daughter
Jan. 26, 1801
Apr. 12, 1801
Anna Maria Rouchenbachin
Page 29;
George Rauteback
Sept. 24, 1801
Jan 3, 1803
Heinrich Willberger
Page 31;
Adam Long
Aug. 19, 1802
Oct. 10, 1802
Martin Wittmor
& wf.
Page 33;
George Routebusch
Sept. 22, 1803
Nov. 6, 1803
Math. Willberger


John Ruebush’s Will

      Augusta County, Virginia, Will Book Number 45, page 349

I, John Ruebush, snr., of Augusta County & State of Virginia, do make
& declare this my last will & testament hereby revoking & making void
all wills or testaments by me at any time heretofore made & first,
 I direct that all my debts & furneral expenses be paid out of the first
money that shall come into the hands of my executors

And first I give & bequesth unto my son Peter Ruebush or his heirs one
 dollar, he having already received his just share.

2nd. I give & bequeath unto my son Samuel Ruebush or his heirs one dollar,
 he having received his full share.

3rd. I give & bequeath unto my son George Ruebush three hundred dollars.

4th. I give & bequeath unto my daughter Elizabeth one hundred dollars.

5th. I give & bequeath unto unto my daughter Susanna four hundred dollars.

6th. Igive & bequeath unto my daughter Lucinda four hundred dollars.

7th  I give & bequeath unto my son Ephraim five hundred dollars.

8th. I give & bequeath unto my daughter Catherine four hundred dollars.

9th. I give & bequeath unto my daughter Magdaline four hundred dollars.

The remainder of all of my property or money that I may have or owing
to me at my death or at the death of my wife Mary Ruebush shall be equally
 divided among my sons George, Jacob, John, Ephraim, Silas & my daughters
Magdaline, Susanna, Betsey, Lucinda & Catherine.  I further direct that
my executors shall allow nine months after my death to my sons to pay what
they may own me at my death.  Should my wife Mary Ruebush outlive me,
I Executors shall pay her the interest on all money due me diring
the time she lives.  Should my wife outlive me my Executors shall allow
nine months above named to pay the amount owed me.

I hereby appoint my son Jacob Ruebush & my son-in-law Timothy Funk
Executors of this my last will & testament.

Given under my hand this 23rd day of August, 1863.

Signed in presence of us by
making his X mark & we signed in                                his
 presence of each other.                                 John  x  Ruebush

Robert Knowles George Smith John Smith J. N. Huff. On qualification the Executors gave a $5,OOO bond.
Will probated April 27, 1874.



Augusta County, Virginia, Will Book Number 53, page 473.        

In the name of God Amen:

George Ruebush's last will and testament.  I will and direct that
all my estate that I die seized with real and personal shall be sold
and disposed of as follows:

Article 1.  That my funeral expenses be paid in full, after that all my
lawful debts that my come against my estate except such as will be
hereafter named.

Article 2.  That five hundred dollars of my extage in money be set apart
which my dughter Janetta Ruebush  is to receive the interest on during
 her natural lifetime after which it is to be divided equally between
her brothers and sisters, unless she should marry, then her heirs
if any shall receive whatever portion of the five hundred dollars that
should be hers.

Article 3.  After the five hundred dollars so set apart as directed,
 in Article 2. the remainder shall be divided equally among
my eight children except such provisions as shall be made hereafter.

 Article 4   If any one of my eight children shouls institute suit against
my estate he or she shall not be  allowed any portion of my estate whatever.

The reason of this is there is some bonds outstanding which have been paid,
 but they have not been lifted and cannot be found at present.

Article 5.  The names of my children are as follows;  Janetta Ruebush,
Sarah Howver (Formerly Ruebush), Catherine Smiley (formerly Ruebush),
 Eliza Ruebush, John Ruebush, David Ruebush, Thomas Ruebush,
J. Addison Ruebush.

 Article 6.  Janetta Ruebush holds a note of two hundred dollars of mine
 ececuted by Thomas Ruebush upon which I am surety for him, I direct that
it shall be paid to her Out of his portion of my estate then he shall
receive the remainder of his portion of my estate.

 Article 7.  Janetta Ruebush holds a bond for about twenty dollars executed
 by myself George Ruebush which sheis entitled to before the division
is made and is not barred by Article 4.  I hereby constitute  and appoint
my friend J. B. Fauver, Executor without surety.

	Witnesses	                 	his
	H.  T.   Rosen	               George    x     Ruebush
	J.   H.   Carwell		       Mark

Probated 25 January; 1892, James F. Smiley qualified 22 February 1822
 and gave $4,000 bond.






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