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February 10, 2012

Ruebush Connection

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The following excerpt was an online discussion regarding the Ruebush / Roudabush connection:

You are looking for the right person under the wrong name. Hans Heirich Raudenbusch had several sons- one of which was Johann Raudenbusch (John) which served at the same time as your John George Raudenbusch. He was born in the right place, lived in the right place, and had several children- Margaret, Susanna, and George. It would have been natural to name a son with the father’s middle name. Johann’s wife was Anna Marie Keller- in which Mary may work but it is a stretch. John (Johann)’s children would certainly have lived near Michael Raudenbush’s family and are mentioned in the will of John from the file you sent me- and this would not have been uncommon.

The dates you are looking at would place John George R.’s birth within a few years of John Ruebush’s. John lived and died in Pennsylvania as did the John George you are related to. As for any other descendants of John Ruebush, I have not researched them. Here is a clip from my site:

“John Ruebush: It is estimated that John Ruebush (the spelling used by most
of his descendants) was born about l735, using his wife’s date of birth as a
criterion. In his father’s will, he is called the oldest son. He married Anna
Marie Keller, who was known as “Mollie”. Mollie’s father may have been the
John Keller who arrived on the Ship Princess Augustis on September 16, 1736,
but this has not been verified. John was a farmer and miller. He and his wife
settled near Hagerstown, Maryland. In the Proceedings of the Committee of
Observation for Elizabeth Town District, Washington County”, he is listed on
page 240 as applying for a licensing suit on September 18, 1775. John died in
I787. The tradition is that John drowned. On May 27, 1788, Michael, John’s
brother, was appointed guardian of three of John’s children: Margaret,
Susannah and George. Mollie remained in Mary1and for a time. The 1790 Maryland census lists Mary Roudebush living with a male under 16 and another female, probably her children, in Washington County. In 1792, however, she reconveyed her land in Maryland back to Jonathan Hager. She then went to Rockingham County, Virginia, and settled near Frieden’s Reformed Church, which is about three miles east of Mt. Crawford, Va. Mollie, John and their children had been members of Zion Reformed Church in Maryland. When Mollie arrived in Virginia, Frieden’s Church was a log building built in 1792. It is now a brick structure. Mollie is buried in Frieden’s church yard, and her tombstone states that she was born in March, 1736 and died on July 20, 1815. Mr. Joseph K. Ruebush erected this stone.”

Johann Raudenbusch was one of the three children of Hans Heinrich Raudenbusch that served in the Revolutionary War and were disowned by their father (Hans). My ancestor Jacob almost certainly served under a different name- and this may be the case with your relative- trying to avoid being disowned by his family which were Mennonites and vow non-aggression. My Jacob Roudabush served under the name of Jacob Rodpouch – and had General George Washington stay with him- although I do not have the documentation to prove it beyond a doubt.

I’ve looked into the Ruebush family enough, and they are even buried next to Roudabush members in Dayton, Virginia- south of Harrisonburg, VA.

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