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February 10, 2012

Descendants of Detmar Stansbury

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Recompence Stanbough (1544 – 1603)
11th great-grandfather
William Stansborough (1578 – 1651)
son of Recompence Stanbough
Dethmarus Stansborough (aka Sternberg) (1605 – 1678)
son of William Stansborough
Detmar Starnbrough (1658 – )
son of Dethmarus Stansborough (aka Sternberg)
Tobias Stansbury (1652 – 1709)
son of Detmar Starnbrough
Thomas Stansbury (1678 – 1766)
son of Tobias Stansbury
Thomas Stansbury II (1714 – 1798)
son of Thomas Stansbury
John Dixon Stansbury (1754 – )
son of Thomas Stansbury II
William D. Stansbury (1818 – 1896)
son of John Dixon Stansbury
Edward J. Stansbury (1844 – 1913)
son of William D. Stansbury
Susie May Stansbury (1878 – 1912)
daughter of Edward J. Stansbury
Florence Edna Manns (1900 – 1993)
daughter of Susie May Stansbury
LeRoy Christian Habersack (1931 – )
son of Florence Edna Manns
Michael Alan Habersack, Senior
You are the son of LeRoy Christian Habersack

Generation One

1.  Detmar Stansbury (Starnbrough), b. BEF 1658 in born in Holland.  He married Catherine Renske, 1651, d. 1682 in Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland, United States, b. 1632 in Holland, Reusel-de Mierden, Noord-Brabant, Netherlands.


2.       i.     Tobias Stansbury b. 1652.

ii.    Luke Stansbury, b. 1669 in Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland, United States.

iii.   Daniel Stansbury, b. 1678.

 Generation Two

2.  Tobias Stansbury, d. 23 Apr 1709 in Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland, United States, b. 1652 in possibly Baltimore, MD.  He married Sarah Raven, 1677 in Baltimore, MD.


3.       i.     Thomas Stansbury Sr. Sr. b. 1678.

ii.    Daniel Stansbury.

iii.   Luke V. Stansbury, b. 1689 in Baltimore Co., MD, d. 25 Mar 1742.

iv.   Tobias Stansbury Jr. Jr., b. BEF 1691 in Baltimore Co., MD, d. ABT 1764 in Baltimore Co., MD.

v.    Samuel A. Stansbury Sr. Sr., b. ABT 1693 in Baltimore Co., MD, d. APR. 1783 in Yanceville, Caswell County N.C.

Generation Three

3.  Thomas Stansbury Sr. Sr., d. 4 May 1766 in Baltimore Co., MD, b. 1678 in Baltimore Co., MD.  He married Jane Dixon Hayes.


4.       i.     Thomas Stansbury Jr. Jr. b. 24 APR. 1714.

ii.    John Stansbury.

iii.   Daniel Stansbury, b. 1716, d. 1770 in Anne Arundel Co., MD.

iv.   Dixon Stansbury, b. 6 Dec 1720, d. 1805.

v.    Edmund Stansbury.

vi.   Jemima Stansbury, b. 19 Jul 1727 in Baltimore Co., MD.

Generation Four

4.  Thomas Stansbury Jr. Jr., d. 15 Jun 1798 in Baltimore, MD, b. 24 APR. 1714 in St Pauls, Baltimore, Maryland, buried in Buried St. Paul.  He married Hanna Gorsuch, 2 MAR. 1734 in St Pauls, Baltimore, Maryland (daughter of Charles Gorsuch Junior General and Sarah Rogers Cole), d. SEP 11, 1800 in Long Crandon, Baltimore, Maryland, b. 1718 in St Pauls, Baltimore, Maryland, buried in Old St. Pauls.


i.     Charles Stansbury, b. 24 Jan 1735, d. 1806.

ii.    Thomas Stansbury, d. 14 Jun 1776 in Bullit, Kentucky, b. 1738 in St Pauls, Baltimore, Maryland.

iii.   Sarah Stansbury, d. 3 Apr 1815 in Baltimore, Maryland, b. 7 Mar 1738 in Baltimore, Maryland.

iv.   Hannah Stansbury, d. 1798, b. 20 APR. 1743.

v.    Rachel Stansbury, d. 4 Jan 1823 in Morrow, Ohio, b. 11 Nov 1746 in Baltimore, Maryland.

vi.   Luke Stansbury, d. 1798, b. 24 APR. 1747.

vii.  Jane Stansbury, d. 10 Jun 1798, b. 14 Apr 1750.

viii. Benjamin Stansbury, b. 28 Jun 1752 in St Pauls, Baltimore, Maryland.

5.       ix.   John Dixon Stansbury b. 19 DEC. 1754.

x.    David Stansbury, b. 27 Jan 1757.

xi.   Daniel Stansbury, b. 8 May 1759 in St Pauls, Baltimore, Maryland.

xii.  William Stansbury, b. 11 Sep 1764 in St Pauls, Baltimore, Maryland, d. JUN 23, 1818.


Generation Five

5.  John Dixon Stansbury, b. 19 DEC. 1754 in Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland.  He married (1) Ruth Crook, b. 1754.  He married (2) Elizabeth Johnson, b. 1754.


6.       i.     William Stansbury b. 1820.

ii.    Priscilla Stansbury.

iii.   Joseph Stansbury.

Generation Six

6.  William Stansbury, b. 1820 in MD, d. 1871 in Still living in 1870.  He married Harriet Biddison, 12 APR. 1834 in Baltimore, MD, b. 1820 in Maryland, d. in Still living in 1870.


i.     Sarah L. Stansbury, b. 1842.

7.       ii.    Edward J. Stansbury b. 1844.

iii.   John L Stansbury, b. 1845.

iv.   William E. Stansbury (possibly junior), b. 1848.

v.    George Stansbury, b. 1852.

vi.   Charles Stansbury, b. 1855.

vii.  Henry Stansbury, b. 1858.

viii. Mary Stansbury, b. 1865.

Generation Seven

7.  Edward J. Stansbury, b. 1844 in Maryland, d. 17 Aug 1913 in Baltimore, MD.  He married (1) Elizabeth Myers, ABT 1872, b. 16 Nov 1852 in Maryland, d. 1922 in Baltimore, MD.  He married (2) Elizabeth Stansbury, b. abt 1851 in Germany.


i.     Mary Elizabeth Stansbury Grossman Pohlma, b. 1871, d. 1949.

ii.    Mary Elizabeth Stansbury, b. 1872.

8.       iii.   Susie May Stansbury b. JAN. 10, 1878.

iv.   Emma Florence Fetsch, b. 1879, d. 1958.

v.    Lula Stansbury Christian, b. 1884, d. 1946.

vi.   Edna A. Stansbury Callenberger, b. 1887, d. 1963.

vii.  Ella Florence Stansbury.

viii. Emma Florence Stansbury, b. 1879.

ix.   Edward Thomas Stansbury, b. 1882 in Maryland, d. 1949.

x.    Edna A. Stansbury, b. 1887.

xi.   Henry Frederick Stansbury, b. 1889 in MD, d. AUG 1965 in MD.

xii.  Joseph Leroy Stansbury, b. 1896 in Maryland, d. 1911.

Generation Eight

8.  Susie May Stansbury, b. JAN. 10, 1878 in MD, d. JUN. 18, 1912 in Baltimore, MD, buried in Old St. Pauls Cemetary, Baltimore, MD.  She married George J. Manns Sr. Sr., b. AUG. 14, 1872 in Maryland (son of August Manns and Katherine Gluck), d. JUN. 20, 1958.


i.     George J. Manns, b. OCT. 29, 1896, d. JUL 14, 1999.

ii.    August Manns, b. SEP 11, 1897, d. NOV 2, 1958, buried in Parkwood Cemetery.

9.       iii.   Florence Manns b. AUG 2, 1900.

10.     iv.   Ferdinand Manns b. JUL. 26, 1908.

v.    Anna Margaret Manns Gregory, b. 1910 in Baltimore, MD, d. 2010.  She married (1) W. Kelly Gregory.  She married (2) William K Gregory, b. 1903 in Virginia.

11.     vi.   Katherine Manns b. 1912.

Generation Nine

9.  Florence Manns, b. AUG 2, 1900 in Baltimore, Maryland, d. JUN 29,1993 in Baltimore, Maryland.  She married Henry Conrad Habersack, 1923 in Salem Evangelical United Brethern, Balto, b. MAR. 26, 1901 in Baltimore, Maryland (son of Christian Habersack and Katherine Huchthausen), d. NOV. 26, 1986 in Baltimore, Maryland.


12.     i.     Donald Habersack b. NOV 29, 1927.

13.     ii.    LeRoy Christian Habersack b. FEBRUARY 10, 1931.

iii.   Phyllis Louise Habersack.


10.  Ferdinand Manns, b. JUL. 26, 1908, d. FEB. 18, 1972.  He married Rebecca Brown.


i.     Buddy Manns.

ii.    Janet Manns.


11.  Katherine Manns, b. 1912 in Baltimore, MD, d. 1992 in Baltimore, MD, buried in Parkwood Cemetery.  She married Earl Hayes.


i.     Jean Hayes.

Generation Ten

12.  Donald Habersack, b. NOV 29, 1927 in Baltimore, MD, d. MAR 14, 2009 in Stewartstown, PA.  He married Wanda Harbaugh.


i.     Sonna Habersack.

ii.    Donald Habersack.


13.  LeRoy Christian Habersack, b. FEBRUARY 10, 1931 in Baltimore, MD.  He married Phyllis Lea Roudabush (daughter of Frank Calvin Roudabush and Margaret Gorecki).


14.     i.     Michael Alan Habersack, Senior b. OCTOBER 24, 1960.

15.     ii.    Brian Gary Habersack.

Generation Eleven

14.  Michael Alan Habersack, Senior, b. OCTOBER 24, 1960 in Baltimore, MD at Church Home Hospital.  He married Elizabeth Lee Powers Habersack, JANUARY 4, 1985 in Rosedale Baptist Church, Baltimore MD., b. JUL 17, 1957 in Baltimore Maryland (daughter of George Joseph Powers and Carolyn Agnes Lannon).


i.     Michael Habersack Jr..

ii.    Dina Marie Habersack.  She married Jonathan Paul Kress (son of Eugene Paul Kress Jr.).

iii.   Christian Joseph Habersack.  He married Lisa Beth Jones.


15.  Brian Gary Habersack, b. in Baltimore, Maryland.  He married Victoria Jean Valunas Habersack, b. in Baltimore, MD.


i.     M Habersack, b. in St. Joseph’s Hospital, Baltimore.

ii.    T Habersack, b. in St. Joseph’s Hospital, Baltimore.

iii.   H Habersack, b. in Franklin Square Hosp., Baltimore, MD.

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