Descendants of Kilian Habersack
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The forefather of the Habersacks from Lieblos is Johannes Habersack.  He was born as son of Kilian Habersack and allegedly came form Schmalnau, though it is more probable that he came from Lütter (4 km from Schmalnau, because in the Schmalnau church register there are no entries of Habersack births or deaths recorded from the years 1730-1800.  In Lütter lived in fact at the beginning of the 18th century a Kilian Habersack (who originally came from Engelhelms) and he is said to have been the father of Johann Habersack.  Kilian married Anna Maul and between 1710 and 1728 they had at least 9 children.  The father or grandfather was probably Johann.  Without exact birth dates of the forefathers, one can only speculate.  (The earlier name of Kilian is uncommon and is also a geographical area near both cities of Lütter and Schmalnaul, but that certainly means there is some sort of relation.)  Another possibility could be that if Johannes Habersack and his father Kilian, like the entire Lieblos-line were of the evangelical denomination, then they could not have settled in the Catholic church parish of Schmalnau.
The descendants of Johannes Habersack have remained in Lieblos or in the surrounding areas until almost until the end of the 19th century; then a part of the family settled (the siblings Karl, Christian and Dorothea Habersack) in the United States and founded there that is today the most biggest part of the Lieblos-line left (look at chapter 1.5.4.)  In Lieblos today there also lives  still descendants of Johannes or Kilian Habersack.  Amazingly enough they live in the same spot (Gründau) and also only a little bit away from the distant Gelnhausen Habersack families, that are apparently not related with each other.  What is noticeable of the Lieblos-line is the high number of illegitimate children who kept the name of the mother (Habersack) which is atypical of the time.  Anna Dorothea Habersack (2/2/1801) had 5 illegitimate children before she wed Johannes Martin in 1838.  If these kids were not baptized with the name Habersack, the line (following men) would now be extinct.

Generation One

 1.  Kilian Habersack, b. BEF ORE 1715 in Schmalnau, Germany, d. BEF ORE 1769.  He married Unknown.


2.       i.     Johannes Habersack b. 1743.

 Generation Two

2.  Johannes Habersack, b. 1743, d. JUN. 19, 1795 in Zimmermann, Schweinehirt.  He married (1) Elisabeth Dauth, JAN. 12, 1769, b. DEC. 11, 1743 in Mittelgrundau, Germany (daughter of Friedrich Dauth and Anna Maria Dauth), d. NOV. 19, 1810 in Lieblos, Germany.  He married (2) Catharina Fliedner, APR. 24, 1810.


3.       i.     Johannes Habersack b. OCT. 20, 1769.

ii.    Johann Georg Habersack, b. JUL. 21, 1777 in Lieblos, Germany, d. MAR. 5, 1783 in Lieblos, Germany.

iii.   Johann Ludwig Habersack, b. DEC. 5, 1779 in Lieblos, Germany.

iv.   Anna Margaretha Habersack, b. DEC. 19, 1782 in Lieblos, Germany, d. BEF ORE 1789.

v.    Elisabeth Habersack, b. MAY 6, 1789 in Lieblos, Germany, d. JUN. 6, 1789.

4.       vi.   Anna Margaretha Habersack b. MAY 7, 1789.

vii.  Johann Heinrich Habersack, b. SEP. 27, 1811.

Generation Three

3.  Johannes Habersack, b. OCT. 20, 1769 in Lieblos, Germany, d. MAY 21, 1814 in Lieblos, Germany.  He married Anna Catharina Frickel, b. AUG. 27, 1777 in Lieblos, Germany, d. JAN. 15, 1806 in Lieblos, Germany.


5.       i.     Anna Dorothea Habersack b. FEB. 2, 1801.

ii.    Johannes Habersack, b. AUG. 15, 1803 in Lieblos, Germany, d. AUG. 24, 1803 in Lieblos, Germany.

6.       iii.   Anna Margaretha Habersack b. SEP. 30, 1804.


4.  Anna Margaretha Habersack, b. MAY 7, 1789 in Lieblos, Germany, d. FEB. 10, 1847 in Lieblos, Germany.


i.     Johann Friedrich Habersack, b. MAY 17, 1816 in Lieblos, Germany, d. OCT. 8, 1876 in Lieblos, Germany.  He married Magdalena Hahn, FEB. 19, 1851, b. SEP. 8, 1825 in Niedermittlau, Germany.

 Generation Four

5.  Anna Dorothea Habersack, b. FEB. 2, 1801 in Lieblos, Germany, d. APR. 3, 1889 in Lieblos, Germany.  She married Johannes Martin, OCT. 31, 1838 in Meerholz, Germany, b. 1800 in Lieblos, Germany, d. 1859 in Lieblos, Germany.


i.     Anna Maria Habersack, b. DEC. 6, 1825 in Lieblos, Germany.  She married Johann Adam Wahl, b. 1815 in Fulda, Germany, d. 1840 in Fulda, Germany.

ii.    Johann Heinrich Habersack, b. FEB. 28, 1828 in Lieblos, Germany, d. SEP. 8, 1869 in Lieblos, Germany.

7.       iii.   Johannes Habersack b. AUG. 17, 1831.

iv.   Margaretha Habersack, b. OCT. 25, 1835 in Lieblos, Germany, d. SEP. 25, 1841 in Lieblos, Germany.


6.  Anna Margaretha Habersack, b. SEP. 30, 1804 in Lieblos, Germany, d. FEB. 6, 1860.  She married Johann Konrad Frey, OCT. 7, 1834 in Meerholz, Germany, b. 1799 in Gelnhausen, Germany.


i.     Jacob Habersack, b. MAR. 13, 1825 in Lieblos, Germany, d. MAY 8,1825.

ii.    Anna Maria Habersack, b. JAN. 16, 1826, d. MAR. 12, 1827.

 Generation Five

7.  Johannes Habersack, b. AUG. 17, 1831 in Lieblos, Germany, d. FEB 6., 1914.  He married Maria Katharina Martin, b. JAN 17, 1837 in Lieblos, Germany, d. MAY 11, 1859 in Meerholz, Germany.


i.     Susanna Maria Habersack, b. MAY 3, 1860 in Lieblos, Germany.

8.       ii.    Heinrich Habersack b. DEC. 18, 1861.

9.       iii.   Karl Friedrich Habersack b. 29 Apr 1864.

iv.   Charles Frederick Habersack, d. 7 Jan, 1948 in Overlea Avenue, Baltimore, Maryland Buried in Mt. Carmel Cemetery, Baltimore, Maryland, b. 29 April, 1864 in Lieblos Hessen, Germany.

v.    Maria Habersack, b. MAR. 8, 1866 in Lieblos, Germany, d. JUN. 8, 1867 in Lieblos, Germany.

vi.   Dorothe Habersack, b. 1868 in Lieblos, Germany.

10.     vii.  Christian Habersack b. abt 1871.

 Generation Six

8.  Heinrich Habersack, b. DEC. 18, 1861 in Lieblos, Germany, d. FEB. 22, 1936 in Lieblos, Germany.


i.     Susanna Habersack.

ii.    Katharina Habersack, b. 1894, d. 1975.

iii.   Heinrich Habersack, b. SEP. 3, 1900, d. 1983.

11.     iv.   Karl Habersack.


9.  Karl Friedrich Habersack, b. 29 Apr 1864 in Lieblos, Main-Kinzig-Kreis, Hessen, Germany, d. 7 Jan, 1948 in Overlea Avenue, Baltimore, Maryland Buried in Mt. Carmel Cemetery, Baltimore, Maryland.  He married Angelina Bly, b. 22 Feb, 1864 in Germany (daughter of Bly and Maire Hooker), d. 16 Mar, 1942 in Overlea Avenue, Baltimore, Maryland Buried in Mt. Carmel Cemetery, Baltimore, Maryland.


12.     i.     John Habersack b. JAN 15, 1882.

ii.    Dora Habersack, b. 14 Aug, 1889.


10.  Christian Habersack, b. abt 1871 in Lieblos, Germany, d. 1955 in Baltimore, Maryland.  He married Katherine Huchthausen, b. APR. 23, 1877 in Baltimore, Maryland (daughter of August Huchthausen and Elizabeth Krohnan), d. 1954 in Baltimore, Maryland.


13.     i.     Elizabeth Habersack b. JUN 26, 1892.

14.     ii.    Henry Conrad Habersack b. MAR. 26, 1901.

15.     iii.   Dorothy Habersack.

iv.   Louise Habersack.  She married Clifford Hare.

16.     v.    Katherine Habersack Hoffnagle.

 Generation Seven

11.  Karl Habersack, b. in Lieblos, Germany, d. 1949.  He married Minna, d. 1957.


17.     i.     Heinrich Habersack.

ii.    Susanne Habersack.  She married Willi Lott.


12.  John Habersack, b. JAN 15, 1882 in Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland, United States, d. 8 Sep 1970 in Roslyn, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States.  He married (1) Delia Magdalena Briner, b. 14 Feb 1885 in Allegany, Maryland, United States (daughter of Peter Brienas Briner and Magdalana Briner), d. 24 Jan 1971 in Frostburg, Allegany, Maryland, United States.


i.     Angela Habersack, b. 1906 in Maryland, United States.

ii.    Eunca Habersack, b. 1907 in Maryland, United States.

iii.   Charles Habersack, b. MAR 11, 1909 in Pennsylvania, d. SEP 15, 1991.

18.     iv.   Elmer Habersack b. 1918.

v.    Emma Habersack.


13.  Elizabeth Habersack, b. JUN 26, 1892 in Baltimore, Maryland, d. JUL 3, 1957 in Baltimore, Maryland.  She married John T. Croucher, b. DEC 26, 1889 (son of Charles A. Croucher and K. Geis), d. 1966.


i.     Herbert Croucher.

ii.    Charles Croucher.

19.     iii.   John Stewart Croucher b. 1922.

iv.   Katherine Croucher.


14.  Henry Conrad Habersack, b. MAR. 26, 1901 in Baltimore, Maryland, d. NOV. 26, 1986 in Baltimore, Maryland.  He married Florence Manns, 1923 in Salem Evangelical United Brethern, Balto, b. AUG 2, 1900 in Baltimore, Maryland (daughter of George J. Manns Sr. Sr. and Susie May Stansbury), d. JUN 29,1993 in Baltimore, Maryland.


20.     i.     Donald Habersack b. NOV 29, 1927.

21.     ii.    LeRoy Christian Habersack b. FEBRUARY 10, 1931.

iii.   Phyllis Louise Habersack.


15.  Dorothy Habersack.  She married Phillip Winicke.


22.     i.     Hilda Winicke.


16.  Katherine Habersack Hoffnagle.  She married Jack Hoffnagle.


i.     Dorothy Hoffnagle.

 Generation Eight

17.  Heinrich Habersack.  He married Luise.


23.     i.     Norbert Habersack.

ii.    Loretta Habersack.


18.  Elmer Habersack, b. 1918 in Pennsylvania.  He married Suzanne F. McKenzie.


i.     Susan Habersack.

ii.    Patricia Habersack.

24.     iii.   James Habersack.

25.     iv.   Stephen John Habersack b. 1950.


19.  John Stewart Croucher, b. 1922 in Baltimore, d. 2012 in Baltimore.  He married Josie.


i.     Kelly Croucher, b. 1961.  She married Richard Nauman.

ii.    Terri Croucher, b. 1962.

iii.   Stewart Croucher, b. 1963.

iv.   Melvin Croucher, b. 1964.

v.    Todd Croucher.


20.  Donald Habersack, b. NOV 29, 1927 in Baltimore, MD, d. MAR 14, 2009 in Stewartstown, PA.  He married Wanda Harbaugh.


i.     Sonna Habersack.

ii.    Donald Habersack.


21.  LeRoy Christian Habersack, b. FEBRUARY 10, 1931 in Baltimore, MD.  He married Phyllis Lea Roudabush (daughter of Frank Calvin Roudabush and Margaret Gorecki).


26.     i.     Michael Alan Habersack, Senior b. OCTOBER 24, 1960.

27.     ii.    Brian Gary Habersack.


22.  Hilda Winicke.  She married Miller Lanowitz.


i.     David Lanowitz.

 Generation Nine

23.  Norbert Habersack.


i.     Christoph Habersack.


24.  James Habersack.  He married Vickie Lynn Nee.


i.     Matthew Habersack.


25.  Stephen John Habersack, b. 1950 in Cresaptown, MD.  He married Suella Habersack, b. 1957.


i.     Christopher S. Habersack.


26.  Michael Alan Habersack, Senior, b. OCTOBER 24, 1960 in Baltimore, MD at Church Home Hospital.  He married Elizabeth Lee Powers Habersack, JANUARY 4, 1985 in Rosedale Baptist Church, Baltimore MD., b. JUL 17, 1957 in Baltimore Maryland (daughter of George Joseph Powers and Carolyn Agnes Lannon).


i.     Michael Habersack Jr..

ii.    Dina Marie Habersack.  She married Jonathan Paul Kress (son of Eugene Paul Kress Jr.).

iii.   Christian Joseph Habersack.  He married Lisa Beth Jones.


27.  Brian Gary Habersack, b. in Baltimore, Maryland.  He married Victoria Jean Valunas Habersack, b. in Baltimore, MD.


i.     M Habersack, b. in St. Joseph’s Hospital, Baltimore.

ii.    T Habersack, b. in St. Joseph’s Hospital, Baltimore.

iii.   H Habersack, b. in Franklin Square Hosp., Baltimore, MD.

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