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February 10, 2012

Descendants of Hans Haber

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The forefather of the Habersacks from Lieblos is Hans Haber.

Moving ahead to a later generation: Johannes Habersack – He was born as son of Johannes Kilian Habersack and allegedly came form Schmalnau, though it is more probable that he came from Lütter (4 km from Schmalnau, because in the Schmalnau church register there are no entries of Habersack births or deaths recorded from the years 1730-1800.  In Lütter lived in fact at the beginning of the 18th century a Johann Kilian Habersack (who originally came from Engelhelms) and he is said to have been the father of Johann Habersack.  Kilian married Anna Maul and between 1710 and 1728 they had at least 9 children.  The father or grandfather was probably Johann.  Without exact birth dates of the forefathers, one can only speculate.  (The earlier name of Kilian is uncommon and is also a geographical area near both cities of Lütter and Schmalnaul, but that certainly means there is some sort of relation.)  Another possibility could be that if Johannes Habersack and his father Johannes Kilian, like the entire Lieblos-line were of the evangelical denomination, then they could not have settled in the Catholic church parish of Schmalnau.
The descendants of Johannes Habersack have remained in Lieblos or in the surrounding areas until almost until the end of the 19th century; then a part of the family settled (the siblings Karl, Christian and Dorothea Habersack) in the United States and founded there that is today the most biggest part of the Lieblos-line left (look at chapter 1.5.4.)  In Lieblos today there also lives  still descendants of Johannes or Kilian Habersack.  Amazingly enough they live in the same spot (Gründau) and also only a little bit away from the distant Gelnhausen Habersack families, that are apparently not related with each other.  What is noticeable of the Lieblos-line is the high number of illegitimate children who kept the name of the mother (Habersack) which is atypical of the time.  Anna Dorothea Habersack (2/2/1801) had 5 illegitimate children before she wed Johannes Martin in 1838.  If these kids were not baptized with the name Habersack, the line (following men) would now be extinct.


Hans Haber (1526 – )
12th great-grandfather
Hans Haber (1546 – )
son of Hans Haber
Christian Habersack (1565 – 1628)
son of Hans Haber
Karl Friedrich Habersack (1585 – 1660)
son of Christian Habersack
Friderich Christian Habersack (1626 – 1696)
son of Karl Friedrich Habersack
Jost Berend Habersack (1682 – 1715)
son of Friderich Christian Habersack
Johann Kaspar Habersack (1715 – 1756)
son of Jost Berend Habersack
Johann Kilian Habersack (1737 – 1795)
son of Johann Kaspar Habersack
Johannes Habersack (1769 – 1814)
son of Johann Kilian Habersack
Anna Dorothea Habersack (1801 – 1889)
daughter of Johannes Habersack
Johannes Habersack (1831 – 1914)
son of Anna Dorothea Habersack
Christian Habersack (1870 – 1957)
son of Johannes Habersack
Henry Conrad Habersack (1901 – 1986)
son of Christian Habersack
LeRoy Christian Habersack (1931 – )
son of Henry Conrad Habersack
Michael Alan Habersack, Senior
You are the son of LeRoy Christian Habersack

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