The genealogy project has been underway for quite a while. There are pictures and extensive information available. Please feel free to link in- but do not steal from the site- it is copyrighted.

Habersack Family

This is a list of documents that are pertinent to my family genealogy. You are free to look but do not take - these digital documents are all owned by me. 
History of Cherry Hill Farm
Passenger List for the Dragon 1734
Original Deed to Cherry Hill Farm
Deed Between the Snyders
Will of James Snider
Deed from Lula Roudabush to Grover/Miller
Roudabush Sale Proceeds
Deed to the Mims Family
Roudabush to Mims 2
Gordons Deed for Cherry Hill Farm
There are more documents relevant to the area and my history:
Marksville School Register
History of the Suthards
Snyder Document with Tax Stamps
Snyder Lawsuit 1
Snyder Lawsuit 2


While we have not been involved with Operation Christmas Child this year, we were for eight prior years. If you are looking for more information, click here.

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